How detailed is a top cosplayer?A million embroidered bikinis aren’t enough, 2,000 flowers make Canaan

2022-06-05 0 By

The popular action game “Forever” can be said to be the phenomenon game of 2021, even in 2022, the popularity of the game has not declined, but also set off the trend of martial arts action games.In the face of numerous game anchors competing for live broadcast, popular cosplayers have also continuously launched boutique COS to open everyone’s horizon, in all fields can be considered a hundred flowers bloom together.You’ve seen a lot of COSPLAY, but do you know how much attention cosplayers pay to detail in order to be able to impersonate a character in a game?Recently, the top cosplayer in the circle, like moon grey, sent a group of eternal Canaan flower without trace skin, as if unreal treasure hunters let players fall together.Flower without trace is the anchor skin of Eternal boundless flower shaobei, because of the countless flowers inset on the dreamy purple fashion, the beautiful fashion modeling has been loved and sought after by the eternal boundless female players.In this flower without Trace costume, the girl spent more than 2,000 metal flowers in order to completely restore the flower without trace. From the body decoration, arm ring, necklace and so on, it looked especially dazzling.In addition to the metal flowers, the body is also decorated with meat pink flowers, cobalt blue head flowers and so on, the sister foil really like the game in the mysterious enchanting flowers without trace general, beautiful and dangerous illusion, plus shenana-like details of the action, you can see that the sister of Canaan this role is really spent thoughts.In the face of this set of highly restored Canaan flower traceless COS, many eternal players have lined up to watch, exclaiming “look good!””My waist is a deadly cutlass.” “Isn’t that beautiful?Canaan Benan “, “I did not expect to spend so much thought COS a role, looking at the dazzling ornaments too hard”…This is not the first time that cosser has created a canaanite collection. Earlier, cosser also created a stunning canaanite collection, which was also filled with materials and details.Because Canaan’s breastplate was embroidered in the original painting, the costume required millions of stitches to recreate the stunning upper body.And Canaan that exotic beauty style of the headdress, is also the little sister himself a bead string out, string to the eyes are numb, to create this beautiful headdress.Wear their own hands-on Canaan fashion, immediately become enchanting Canaan, the kind of mature and charming temperament was shown incisively and vividly.As we all know, a good COSPLAY work has three indispensable elements, such as high level of appearance of characters, adequate photography and post-production, and costume props are also an indispensable part. It is the attention of cosser to costume props that makes the completion of this set of Canaan works so high.So, how do you like this Canaanite COSPLAY?