How good are doctors under pressure?Let’s do it

2022-06-05 0 By

How good is the doctor’s psychological quality, how strong is his ability to resist pressure?In addition to being stable and calm on the operating table, “basically year-round” and “always on call” are enough to show this.Read on to take the Doctor’s Stress Test.Work coil emotion coil life coil finish above these questions, has the chest felt to begin suffocating?This is an exam paper with no standard answers, but it does project the real details of doctors’ daily lives. Whether it is the internal examination of the profession itself or the “requirements” imposed by the outside world, doctors really bear too much.Students who have just stepped into internship positions are most flustered on night shifts;The seniors who persist for a long time struggle under various pressures from leaders, colleagues and subordinates;Those who struggle to turn around will also face the difficulty of starting again. Anyway, I hope doctors can learn to decompress themselves, adjust their mentality and start calmly in the face of those pressures in work.