Lu enterprise personnel | three lu shares now personnel changes, the tide of information secretary replacement

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Inspur Information Secretary Zhang Hong resigned, deputy general Manager Wu Long will take over Inspur Information (000977.SZ) April 8 evening announcement, the secretary of the board of directors Zhang Hong for work reasons to resign from the company’s board of directors secretary, after resignation will no longer hold any positions in the company.To ensure the daily operation of the company’s board of directors and company information disclosure work, the company held on April 7, 19 of the eighth session of the board of directors meeting, reviewed and adopted the “about the appointment of the board of directors of the company secretary bill, agreed to employ oh young for the company’s board secretary, term from the date of the board of directors approval to the date of expiration of the board of directors.According to the resume, Wu Long, male, Chinese nationality, no permanent overseas residence right, born in September 1975, bachelor of Economics from Nankai University, certified public Accountant, certified tax agent, internal auditor and senior accountant, is currently the deputy general manager, financial officer and secretary of the board of directors of the company.He has served successively as deputy financial manager, manager and chief Financial Officer of Inspur (Beijing) Electronic Information Industry Co., LTD., non-independent director of the eighth board of Directors of the company, deputy manager and manager of the financial department.Up to now, Wu Long directly holds the company’s stock 10800 shares.Ruikang Pharmaceutical co., LTD (002589.SZ) announced on April 8 that the company recently received a written resignation report from deputy general managers Luan Tonghui and Wei Qingyi. Luan Tonghui and Wei Qingyi applied to resign as deputy general managers for personal reasons, and no longer hold other positions in the company after their resignation.Due to the operation and management needs of the company, it is nominated by the general manager and approved by the 20th meeting of the fourth board of Directors to appoint Chen Jinghui and Shi Zhongqin as deputy general managers. The term of office is the same as that of the current board of Directors.According to his resume, Chen Jinghui, born in 1969, holds a master’s degree, is a senior accountant and a CERTIFIED Management Accountant (CMA) in the United States.A former baoding tianwei change the present electrical co., LTD, ding ling holding company finance department manager, baoding tianwei group change especially electric co., LTD., the chief accountant, baoding tianwei wire manufacturing co., LTD., general manager and chief accountant, rui kang pharmaceutical group co., LTD., operating management director, deputy general manager of operations management.Deputy General Manager and General manager of operation Management Department of the company.Shi Zhongqin, born in 1976, graduated from college, is a licensed pharmacist.He has served successively as regional manager and Marketing director of Shandong Ruikang Pharmaceutical Distribution Co., LTD., and is now general manager and Deputy General manager of Testing Division of Ruikang Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD.Cedar Development (002485.SZ) announced on the evening of April 8 that the board of directors of the company has received a written resignation report from Li Jun, the deputy general manager of the company. Li Jun resigned for personal reasons and will not hold any position in the company after his resignation.In this regard, Cedar Development said, according to the Company Law and the articles of association and other relevant provisions, Li Jun submitted the resignation report from the company’s board of directors effective.The company will appoint senior management personnel to perform corresponding duties in a timely manner, and Li Jun’s resignation will not affect the daily operation of the company.