People’s Daily: What are you based on?

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Loyal units may not retain capable employees, but for a loyal person, there will be no leaders willing to let him go, he will become the unit of the iron camp in the most long-term soldiers, and is the most promising employees.1, stand in the position of the leader to think about the problem;2. Share your ideas with your supervisor.3, pondering to create value for the unit;Stand the test in front of external temptation.2. A person who is responsible and brave enough to take responsibility is of great significance to the unit. A person’s working ability can be worse than others, but he must not lack sense of responsibility.1. Do every little thing well;Be sure of your word and take action;Wrong is wrong, never make excuses;Let the ball stop with you.Efficient and efficient work habits are necessary for everyone who is eager to succeed, and are highly valued by every organization.No distractions, say “goodbye” to the busy;2. Quantify and refine daily work;Procrastination is the most vicious professional killer;4. Prevent perfectionism from being the enemy of productivity.4 Result “no matter black cat, white cat, can catch a mouse is a good cat!”No matter hard work, skillful work, the results of the staff will be recognized by all.Units value how much “work” you have, not how much “pain”.1, to think about how to do things at the beginning;The way is always more than the problem;3. Work smart, not just hard;No conditions, create conditions.Poor communication, even if they have talent, it is only a person’s ability;Good communicators, even mediocre ones, can learn by doing and ultimately realize their value.Communication and gossip are two different things;Don’t say and say too much is a kind of wrong;3. Bring the plan to ask questions, communicate face to face and solve them on the spot;4. Develop emotional intelligence to accept criticism;Internal contradictions can be, external must be consistent.6 Team Advance the team and retreat yourself.No matter how strong you are, your organization won’t let you stay long enough to hurt the team — don’t assume that the team can’t function without you.1, dripping water into the sea, individual into the team;2. Obey the overall arrangement;3, abide by the discipline to ensure combat effectiveness;4, do not do the team “short board”, if it is now, to give their “height”.A person should always keep up with the pace of the unit, and the unit should always keep up with the pace of The Times.Remember, must move forward, stop means to give up, means out!1, to empty cup mentality to learn, to learn;Don’t always angry, but to strive;Don’t reuse one year’s experience for ten years;4, squeeze time to give yourself “height”, “charge”;5. Develop your comparative advantage.Don’t be proud of yourself. Don’t think that if you don’t say or publicize, others won’t see your contribution.So don’t flaunt it in front of your colleagues.1. Don’t ask for credit;2, to overcome the “overqualified” psychology;Don’t put on AIRS to play qualifications;All people must respect;Strive to be worthy of their own position.Cost saving is not stinginess, but virtue.Do not put the money of the unit improper money, the unit “pot”, the staff “bowl”;Similarly, when there is more in the pot, there will be more in the bowl.And you’re the one cooking it.1, reimbursement accounts, be sure to be honest;Don’t play clever, not greedy for petty advantages;Cherish every minute of work;For every cost, strive for maximum benefit.Why do we allow our faults, but complain so much about others and organizations?No matter how talented you are, you need someone to give you a chance to do something, and you need someone to help you in a big or small way.Your present happiness cannot be achieved by you alone.1, the unit gives you the rice bowl;2, Work gives you not only pay, but also the opportunity to learn and grow;3, colleagues give you cooperation in the work;4. Service objects help you create achievements;Opponents let you see the distance and space for development;6. Critics keep you improving.The most taboo in the workplace is to push the work off to others.The job is your duty, it is your right, also be your obligation, it is your base unit foundation.It’s not smart, it’s stupid, to pass your job on to someone else, unless you’re too small to do it.Bucking work is a kind of escape, is a kind of irresponsibility, but also a kind of incompetence, it will make others look down on you from the bottom of their hearts.The other is to fool others.To fool others is a form of true stupidity, irresponsibility to oneself.Especially to those who trust you, rely on you, rely on you, do not play smart, otherwise it will cost you.If you work together for a long time, your sincerity will move your colleagues, and conversely, it will disgust your leaders and colleagues.Third, I can’t settle my heart.Not being able to settle down is a big no-no in the workplace.The unit is not a quick tour, not a hotel, not a tour.Your workplace is likely to be the base of your life, the proof of your existence.Take it easy.Don’t get carried away when you have a chance to progress. Don’t worry about gains and losses when you have no chance or miss an opportunity.Believe that the winner is the one who comes slowly.In the unit must pay attention to three points first, in the unit to keqin Kejing, cautious and conscientious, rather than play on, arrogant.The nature of units is never in order of age, and he who speaks by his own age is a true fool.Second, in the workplace, the elderly have the advantages of the elderly, while the young have the advantages of the young.Never look down upon each other.Do as much as you can and someone will remember you well.Try to stay away from those who encourage you not to work in the workplace, away from those who encourage you to conflict.Third, never talk big in the workplace, no one is afraid of your big talk, everyone will only look down on you.To learn to maintain their own unit, maintain their own work, maintain their own career.Anyone can leave the unit