Ren Jialun Yang Ying: twilight heart about, jia ren Yang home will look forward to Qi Lianshan Liu Flaw brush a love spark

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Twilight heart about, full garden of spring!Ren Jialun and Yang Ying have started work!”You’re so cute you should have met me.”In the falling rain, many netizens and fans rushed to the filming site of “Twilight Heart Date”, just to let Ren Jialun and Yang Ying meet, Jia Ren, Yang family will look forward to qi Lianshan and Liu Xia in the “Twilight Heart Date” sparks of love.01 How nice!Twilight heart about, full garden of spring!Spring garden caged, the twilight heart about into the eye!”Twilight heart appointment” shot, a spring scenery, everywhere is thriving scene.The ren Jialun that many Jia ren has been expecting for a long time has come!How nice!You Jia people have been unable to restrain the excitement: upstream, all the way to the sun, Ren Guochao has always been a bright young man in our hearts, a thousand faces, a thousand words.Thousands of words, thousands of words!Thank you for the time to give us the surprise of meeting you, chunhua Qiubi another year, wish you in peace and health under the premise of chasing dreams.Jia Ren will follow your example and never abandon you.Also hope you make persistent efforts to bring us more surprises!What a surprise!”Charioteer’s First Acquaintance with You” will be broadcast, “Charioteer’s Just like an old man’s Return”, “Please You”, “Blue Flame Assault” and other films and TV dramas will also be settled. Now, “Twilight Heart Engagement” has started shooting, which is very exciting!And surprises!Deng Chao’s new movie “China Ping Pong” is about to start filming. Ren Jialun, Lu Han, Chen He and other friends have been invited to guest star. Ren Jialun used to be a table tennis player, isn’t it?02 Two flowers, each table one!Look at Angelababy Yeung, who plays the heroine of The twilight Saga.Aww!!!Wearing a white suit and black trench coat, Angelababy made her way to the picturesque setting of The twilight Movie.The Yang generals were boiling, “Baby, Yang Ying is so beautiful” shouts, one after another, higher than one ah!Angelababy is so popular!She is not only sought after by many netizens and fans of The Yang Family, but also favored by major sources.Shang was surprised to find that Angelababy Yang Ying’s TV resources are too rich: her upcoming TV series include Love Should Be Like, Manying Pursuit, Dust, The Wind Rises longxi, etc.I’m looking forward to it!”Goddess” is a common term for Angelababy, who is beautiful, sweet and well-spoken.She started her transformation from a model to an actress in the movie Hot Town.The beauty of a career, that is really unstoppable ah!Now, Angelababy, Ying Yang and Jialun Ren have teamed up in a new TV series called The Twilight Dating.Who doesn’t look forward to beauty and handsome men in the drama to wipe the sparks of love.Twilight is a contemporary urban drama directed by Leon and starring Jialun Ren and Angelababy Yang Ying.In The movie, Ren Jialun plays mystery writer Qi Lianshan and Angelababy Yang Ying plays psychological consultant Liu Xia.Shang xin finally got a wonderful picture of Ren Jialun and Angelababy Yang Ying in the same frame on the set of “Twilight Heart Date”. It’s so cute!Still new note, wonderful shrapnel said come!Jia ren said, “young spirit, cherish life, the future has come, Jia Ren accompany Ren Guochao, continue to move forward, work hard!”Yang family will say, the story of the stars, is to accompany you to walk in the crowd, and my story, is to accompany Angelababy Yang Ying together to go through the entertainment industry.Yeah, yeah!Two-way love, really super warm heart!Shang Xin again brush “twilight heart about” behind-the-scenes.In the episode, Qi Lianshan, played by Ren Jialun, and Liu Xia, played by Angelababy Yang Ying, work together to help people who face life challenges out of psychological difficulties.Qi Lianshan, Liu Defect go more and more close in cooperation hand in hand again and again, while achieving success in respective career finally, also harvested beautiful love….Twilight heart about, full garden of spring!Ren Jialun and Angelababy Yang Ying love to cooperate, Marie Claire, the Yang family will look forward to qi Lianshan, Liu Xia in the “Twilight Heart Date” sparks of love.Are you looking forward to it?