The county will carry out forest and grassland fire emergency drills in spring 2022

2022-06-05 0 By

In order to effectively do a good job in spring forest grassland fire prevention work, further improve the professional team and emergency response team to deal with forest emergencies, improve the comprehensive ability of dealing with forest fires and the emergency response ability of forest fire teams, on the morning of April 1, Our county carried out spring 2022 forest grassland fire emergency drill.Deputy county magistrate Gong Qing attended the event and served as the commander-in-chief of the emergency drill.On the scene of emergency drill, simulate fire, discover fire and report it to the headquarters. Upon receiving instructions from the headquarters, the fire extinguishing team composed of fire and forest fire brigade acts quickly, adopts professional equipment such as wind fire extinguisher and water gun to put out the fire, and uses UAV to conduct spot reconnaissance.Subsequently, the medical rescue team and the embers monitoring team also carried out emergency operations, and the exercise achieved a complete success.Through this drill, the team members have further mastered the basic methods of forest fire fighting, equipment use and emergency knowledge, which effectively improved the actual combat experience of the forest fire prevention team as well as the team’s coordination ability and on-site disposal ability.Photo and text: Xiu Yan Editor: Li Ailing