“The world” chess hint: under the guidance of Director Gold, Zhou Bingyi pieces become chess player powder stage

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In episode 26, it is obvious that the mother-in-law is playing chess when she is talking to her son-in-law.The chess pieces in the mother-in-law’s hand were put on the chessboard for 2 times, and then the son-in-law took the chess.These several shots have deep meaning, Zhou Bingyi accepted the arrangement of director Gold in his heart, in fact, means that Zhou Bingyi to replace governor Hao, on behalf of the hao home on the stage.It was well known that when Governor Hao was still in office, other cadres’ homes welcomed their relatives during the Spring Festival. Governor Hao’s family welcomed those who wanted something from his family.Their home time is also nervous, need Huang secretary to arrange everyone only 5 minutes of time.More people came to visit, and it was hard to say that Governor Hao and his family were playing politics.In the novel, Director Jin helps Zhou bingyi to transfer, because Director Jin feels that after governor Hao’s death, she can not find feelings in the yard, and needs Zhou Bingyi to support the front of the cadre family.In the TV drama, Director Jin also chatted with song Secretary and said, now all of a sudden idle is really not used to.So whether director Gold really for the sake of Zhou Bingyi, or for their own feelings, anyway, it is in Zhou Bingyi work transfer this matter, she made a move.Director of the status of gold and words naturally do not need to say more, the key is this matter is to drive a duck or Zhou Bingyi himself willingly, more important.It is obvious that zhou Bingyi is not happy to move to the military factory, think director Kim should not interfere in this matter.This time director gold should have been under the white son did not go down.After listening to Zhou Bingyi think mother-in-law meddling in the work of this matter wrong idea, Dongmei sincere concerns speak out, director Gold this chess can not stop, continue to next.What does that mean?It shows that Director Jin doesn’t care what the couple think at all, and is focused on doing his own thing.Gold director know Zhou Bingyi transferred to the Arsenal, surprise and surprise attitude.What kind of enemy is that?It is inevitable that there will be pressure and difficulties, but from director Jin’s attitude, he is very satisfied with this place.Director Jin put two black spots into white ones, what does that mean?These two spots are the couple.Now dongmei is and Zhou Bingyi of one mind, director Jin see understand.Later, Director Jin was very articulate, first affirming Zhou bingyi’s ability and ambition, but at the same time admitting his own “mistakes”, yes, the governor’s son-in-law is a great limitation.So Zhou Bingyi had to hold his tail between his legs, should not mention, should not mention, what is this called?This is called overcorrection.Can’t Director Kim see that?Director Jin knows Zhou Bingyi wants to do practical things, but so many years governor Hao of Zhou Bingyi beat education, also obviously zhou Bingyi education into a do not use privilege, coveted privilege.Of course, the previous education was agreed upon by Governor Hao and Director Jin.The reasons are many and will not be repeated here.But what about now?Need Zhou Bingyi to prop up the hao front ah!What’s the future in a non-job department?Isn’t it true that today’s vice hall was built on a regular basis?Moreover Hao governor died so many years, if Zhou Bingyi wants to have some kind of action, want to become a character, have to get real power, the middle of the winding and winding and director of gold more clear?Kim not only understands the pros and cons of this, but also understands that the son-in-law has now been “taught” very appropriately.If she does not push the son-in-law, the son-in-law will not voluntarily jump out.Push also must pay attention to method, the key is to break zhou Bingyi’s own psychological burden.An overcorrection immediately put Zhou Bingyi’s psychological board over.There was a close-up after we talked to the son-in-law. What does that mean?Isn’t this director Jin’s move through?More rare is, Zhou Bingyi picked up the box of black, what does this represent?Agree!And gold director told him that black should go to which position, it seems that Zhou Bingyi for the mother-in-law, is convinced by oral.This is enough to show that Zhou Bingyi began to become a flag bearer by chess pieces, and began to board the hao home board.The old lady is a good chess player. She can’t play chess well. The key is to know the psychological activities of the other side, so that the chess player can win all battles.Zhou Bingyi endured so many years, finally ah, began to represent the Hao family.See clearly, hao family this chess game, the most formidable or director Jin.