When will the cherry blossoms bloom in Zhongshan Park this year?See here to learn!

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Did you enjoy the flowers during the qingming Holiday?Based on previous flowering forecast on April 7, zhongshan park is expected to single cherry into the beginning of flowering after April 20, zhongshan park will have represented by kanzan view of double cherry varieties of bud flowering now single sakura cherry avenue has Qingdao daily/view sea journalists in Hao taken this year, 2022 second Qingdao cherry blossom festival will be changed to online “sakura” cloud model,Zhongshan Park is open as usual, and the live broadcast machine located in zhongshan Park will broadcast the blooming blooming cherry blossom 24 hours a day, so that citizens and tourists can take in the beauty of cherry blossom without going out.In addition, the park advocates civilized visit, visitors please note: do not tread on the grass, do not climb over the fence, do not pick flowers, do not feed animals, do not threaten animals, do not gather in the park, maintain a safe social distance from others, follow the command and guidance of the staff.Cherry blossoms are in bud,But other flowers bloom has duly – Qingdao daily/view sea journalists in Hao taken in zhongshan park garden more than one hundred strains of the plum blossom pressure branches full of aroma, refreshing Qingdao daily/view sea journalists in Hao taken in addition to serving the plum flower small west lake tulip flower lake reflected the bright flowers as the sea like a painting journalists in Hao Qingdao daily/view seaTogether watching the flowers, the next, focus on the recent weather conditions of Qingdao observatory 00 points by 16 April 05, 2022 continue to release the wind blue warning signal: early this morning to the evening, is expected to turn the northeaster in zhuhai southeast wind, the land can be up to 4 ~ 5 level wind 6 ~ 7 magnitude, offshore 6 ~ 7 level rafale 8 level, please pay attention to guard against.Southeast wind short time northeast force 3 to 4 on the 7th, the wind will increase to force 4 to 5 gusts 7 on the 8th.The temperature will be stable in the next three days, with the lowest temperature in the city ranging from 7 to 9 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature ranging from 13 to 14 degrees Celsius.In inland areas, the lowest temperature is 3 to 7℃, and the highest temperature is 18 to 25℃.Qingdao meteorological station 5 at 16:00 issued: 7: cloudy local showers turn clear, southeast wind short time northeast wind 3 to 4 level, 7 to 13℃.May 8: sunny to cloudy, south force 3 to 4 to 4 to 5 gusts 7, 9 to 14 ° C.July 7: Cloudy with showers turning clear, light frost in the north, southeast winds and occasional ne force 3 to 4.May 8: mostly sunny, force 3 to 4 to 4 to 5 gusts force 7.Finally, xiaobian reminds you again that the weather is complex and changeable, and the temperature difference is large. Don’t take off winter clothes too fast. “Spring wu” can’t be careless oh ~ forward to the people you care about…Statement: This article is from Qingdao News, Qingdao Daily, Qingdao Weather, etc., the copyright of the picture belongs to the original author. If the content to share infringes your copyright or the source marked is not the first original, please contact xiaobo in time, we will deal with it in the first time.💛 read more articles 🧡 click more at the end of the article “watching” ❤️ add star ❣️ to Qingdao Cultural and Tourism Bureau official micro welcome to contribute, small editor help you up the wall email: 🧡 Qingdao Cultural and Tourism Bureau we media matrix come to pay attention to it!Beg to share beg to see