40 tons of vegetables, 10 tons of fresh eggs, 1.4 tons of aquatic products, “aid” fubao supplies arrived today

2022-06-06 0 By

February 4 at 9 a.m., from liangzhu vegetable wholesale market two trucks have arrived in fuyang district chengdong farmers market and nature agricultural and sideline products wholesale market, the car is loaded with 40 tons of “aid” fubao for fresh vegetables.At the same time, 10 tons of fresh eggs from Jiande and 1.4 tons of seafood from Xiaoshan were on the highway to Fuyang.After the implementation of traffic control in Fuyang District, in the case of personnel and vehicles “only in”, the urban two levels of commerce bureau to “on-demand distribution outside the district, the district designated reception, the whole process of protection” to ensure the normal and orderly supply of daily necessities in Fuyang District.This morning, the first batch of vegetables, fresh eggs and aquatic products arrived in Fuyang, including more than 40 kinds of vegetables, such as cabbage, potatoes, radishes, and more than 10 kinds of aquatic products, such as fish, shrimp, crab, which not only meets the market supply, but also rich material varieties.City bureau of Commerce related person in charge said, in order to ensure supply, enrich fuyang residents of the festival “vegetable basket”, the city bureau of Commerce according to the classification of vegetables, meat, eggs, aquatic products, soy products,Formed by zhejiang Liangzhu Vegetable Market Development Co., LTD., Wufeng United Meat Co., LTD., Hangzhou poultry egg Industry Association, new Nongdu Aquatic products Wholesale market, Zuming soybean products company and other municipal units of the “aid” rich supply “main force”.The Commerce Bureau of Fuyang District collects and summarizes the demand information in the district and places orders to the above five units respectively. On the basis of strict epidemic prevention, the supply units send daily necessities to Fuyang District in a timely manner through closed-loop transportation.At present, meat, soy products for the main body of the “people, goods, car” has been ready to ensure that at any time should call, move.The two levels of commerce in urban areas will do a good job in docking, timely guarantee the daily necessities of the distribution channel unimpeded.