IPRO student mobile phone P100 helps children to use the phone self-consciously

2022-06-06 0 By

With the development and progress of The Times, it has become a trend for children to contact and use mobile phones. However, considering the healthy growth, it is necessary to make certain restrictions on their mobile phone functions, which gave birth to the IPRO student mobile phone P100.Centering on the core positioning of “self-disciplined student mobile phone”, P100 has independently developed the “I Self-disciplined” system. Parents can monitor their children remotely at any time, set the mobile phone usage period, and guide their children to form a good habit of using the phone, so as to avoid parents’ worries.The built-in “eye protection mode” can effectively filter blue light. When the child uses the mobile phone in a bad posture, the mobile phone will send out an alarm reminder. If the child uses the phone for a long time, it will also take the initiative to remind the child to protect the eyesight health.Finally, it comes with a 6.21-inch AMOLED full screen, 8+128GB storage combination, and 4200mAh oversized lithium battery, which fully meets the needs of a day.