No matter how precious a thing is, it is also garbage without its soul!Russian actress cuts chanel bag to show patriotism

2022-06-06 0 By

Russian celebrities and bloggers have taken to social media to cut up chanel bags with scissors after the fashion giant joined sanctions against Russia and pulled out of the country, according to media reports.”We Russian girls are beautiful with or without Chanel bags,” said Russian model Bongya, TV host Elmoshkina and singer Guseva.”If Chanel doesn’t respect its customers, why should we respect Chanel?””Not a bag, not a thing can equal my love for my country.””Chanel is just an accessory, and I cannot tolerate a brand that discriminates against my compatriots on the basis of their nationality.””Well done, it’s an attitude,” said a netizen. “Although the money is earned, it’s worth it to let fans see the patriotic attitude of Aidou.”In fact, the bag need not cut, cut the zipper, used to pack garbage, this is the correct way, Chanel bag in Russia, only equipped with garbage!The Russian is just, she cut is not a bag, is a patriotic love and support of the motherland.Some people feel wasteful, actually doing quite good, have so many packages, star is not sent this a few, but they are public figures, the role of guiding consumption, they don’t back, others also don’t want to buy, on the other hand, they are still back, go shopping also take pictures, this is a kind of propaganda, so it is right, ordinary people is unnecessarily so.It’s true: What’s more important is not what’s on the outside, but what’s inside.These are girls with backbone!Kudos for your patriotism!You should love your country, patriotic people are the most beautiful, then precious things without soul that is rubbish!There are so many bags in the world, it doesn’t have to be from that one.There’s no such thing as irreplaceable, so why do we need it?