“I do practical things for the masses” angrily left into the “black” police for its solution sorrow

2022-06-07 0 By

Recently, Pinglu County public Security Bureau Changle police station police through a visit to the investigation, quickly for the “black” 27 years of the residents pei recorded a registered permanent residence.In 1995, pei, a resident of Changle Town, was devastated by his parents’ divorce, so he ran away from home alone and made a living by doing odd jobs.Over the years, Pei never went home or contacted his family, which led to his failure to apply for an identity certificate in time and became a “black account” by a strange coincidence.This year, bae returned to chang Le’s home, unable to move without an ID card.Police and village cadres door-to-door to carry out the “national anti-fraud center” APP publicity to understand this situation, they immediately launched an investigation.Through access to the original files, visit village cadres, ask neighbors and other ways, confirmed the pei mou’s identity, and actively with the city, county two levels of household administration departments communication and coordination, after more than 10 days of efforts, finally for pei mou successfully fill a registered permanent residence, and for the second generation id card, to solve the worries.When he got the new hukou and ID card, Pei was in tears and said to the police: “I am finally not ‘black’, thank you so much for solving this big problem for me.”Source: Changle Police Station Editor: Fu Yin Wang Bo Review: Wang Jia Journal, No. 058, 2022