Alvarez still hesitating?The battle with Biver and Golovkin is still pending!

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There are reports that Mexican boxing champion Canelo – Alvarez, this week will determine the next fight against, but there is no news of this.Today, British promoter Eddie Hearn urged alvarez to make a decision by the end of this week or next week, while Hearn hinted that he would not rule out waiting until next week to name his final opponent.Hearn has offered Alvarez a two-fight contract, which would see him fight WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Biver in DAZN, followed by a triple fight with old rival Gennady Golovkin.Hearn admitted that alvarez had received offers from PBC as well as them.The PBC wanted Alvarez to fight their fighter Jimal Charo, but the fact that Charo was recently arrested by the police is good news for Hearn, and if Charo is in trouble, the chances of alvarez working with DAZN will be greatly improved.Now, o varese is hesitant, he repeatedly weigh hearn, PBC two terms, especially hearn terms, because opening the varese will against light heavyweight champion than theo, this is a very suspense, compared to before the face of Billy – sanders, caleb – alvin special people, varese o challenge than theo have no certainty of victory,A loss, or a poor performance, could seriously damage alvarez’s star status, so it would take a lot of courage for him to consider Hearn’s offer.It had been rumoured that Alvarez had agreed to hearn’s offer of $84m for the two games, but hearn said in his latest interview that no deal had been struck.”The $84 million figure was wrong, there was no deal, but other than that it was very close,” Hearn said.I am troubled by the reports and have nothing to confirm.Alvarez, of course, was invited by the PBC in addition to ours.Now we are in contact with Alvarez and I think our offer is more attractive to him.Just because Chalo has been arrested does not mean he is without hope of a confrontation with Alvarez, and he will be back on track to negotiate once the issue is resolved.Alvarez may be more willing to fight Charo than Hearn’s offer, given charo’s safer bet (his last fight against Juan Montiel was disastrous) and PBC’s offer of $44 million ($45 million at one point) is higher than Hearn’s $42 million per fight offer ($84 million total),It’s up to Alvarez to choose, right?Former champion Andy Ward once mocked Alvarez as a “man of chance,” but many felt that once a man of chance, he would always be a man of chance.Hearn said: “to be able to cooperate with varese o again very exciting, but there is still no guarantee, I’m pretty sure the varese is thinking about the next game – May 7, now and then there were 12 weeks time, I hope to the end of this week or next week for the results, may be next week, varese will ultimately determine the opponents, who knows, I hope we picked the right.”In this case, it’s understandable that Alvarez is still considering it. All fans need to do is wait and see what happens next week, but it could be as early as this week.This article is original, no. 100 first, plagiarism, draft washing is prohibited, offenders will be prosecuted.