Construction technology of plastic ground in amusement park

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1. Check whether the ground foundation can be constructed: the flatness, drainage slope and compactness of the ground foundation (the grade of cement foundation is not lower than C20, and the surface density and compactness of asphalt foundation should be greater than 95%).Before construction, the site must be kept dry and without water.2. Survey site area: understand the quantity and content of the project, count the site materials, calculate whether the total amount of materials is enough to complete the project, so as to correctly match and use materials in the construction process, so as not to cause insufficient or more surplus materials at the end of the project.1, there are two kinds of construction technology: mechanical paving and artificial paving.2, on the basis of meeting the requirements, the surface pretreatment should not contain any dirt, dust, water, oil stains, etc..After cleaning, apply primer evenly to the base floor to strengthen its adhesion to the ground.3. Small sample test must be carried out before construction.Attention should be paid to the following problems a: the use of materials, such as the ratio of materials and materials curing time is normal.B: 24 hours later, observe whether there is instability, adhesion, strength and other properties meet the requirements.4, the site is required to have at least six construction personnel: two people prepare materials, two people transport materials, two people spread materials.5. Construction: After mixing materials in proportion, pour them into the site for paving, tamp them with soapy water clappers, smooth the joints and keep the whole flat.6. Generally, construction is divided into two times, taking 13mm as an example: 8mm rubber particles at the bottom layer + 5mm EPDM particles at the surface layer.1. The construction temperature is 15-35℃. The temperature is too high or too low, which will affect the construction effect.2, mixing must be fully and evenly mixed.3, each batch of materials should be well connected, otherwise there will be seams.4. Trimming must be neat.5, ingredients must be strictly in proportion.Rubber particles at the bottom: glue = 6-8:1;EPDM particles on the surface: glue = 5-6:1.6. After the completion of the site, check and clean up the residues on the site to make the whole site clean and beautiful.Playground plastic ground advantages: 1, moderate elasticity, running and jumping comfortable movement.2, good wear resistance, smooth and durable.3, all-weather, can be used immediately after the rain.4, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost, simple structure, easy to clean.5, high safety, non-slip, will not release any substance.6, bright color, beautiful and comfortable.7, good skid resistance.8, acid and alkali resistance, wear aging, long service life.Silicon materials | acrylic pu stadium pitch materials | plastic runway materials | | artificial lawn Cohen, wuhan science and technology development co., LTD