DNF can’t get attack feedback when it loses movement, hanbok alien can control it

2022-06-08 0 By

If the DNF label, then it must be a horizontal clearance action MMORPG.The most important thing is action. It’s an action game, and it hasn’t been action for a long, long time.Simply put, players don’t get “blow feedback”.Like when you split Ozma, he wasn’t under your control.For example, you use a step shot against the night, he does not care about you;You use the zag heat on Shillock, and she stares at your white circle, running around teleporting.The player presses a button and the character makes an action, which acts on the monster, but the monster doesn’t react the way it should, so it loses the feedback and the action, which is part of the reason why DNF loses the fun.A lot of people miss version 60, there are reasons for this, at that time players brush map and PK, against the monster is a combo, a strong sense of attack.And the recent return of foreign countries, which can be seen in the gap between Hanbok and Chinese service:The alien world of Hanbok is basically the alien world of the old version, and the mechanism may also be weakened, but in terms of the sense of attack, players seem to go back to the alien version of that year, what monsters can be controlled, every skill can get feedback, players can find the feedback of attack in this.And what about China?In fact, it is an alien skin, and the monsters in it are still following the trend, all of which are architectural bullies.A monster like Shiloh can control it a little bit at first, but then it can go free, regardless of your control skills.No matter what you do, it doesn’t work. Monster straightness is very high. Players are very stiff and uncomfortable.In fact, the loss of DNF motility was discovered earlier by planning, but with the aggravation of DNF MMORPG and nurturance, it has become an irreversible trend that the motility becomes less and less.With the advent of the team-based era, it is impossible for players to control without restraint.In version 60, the player is based on the gap between the character and the monster is too large. If the group does the same, the monster will become a stake, the difficulty will be greatly reduced, which is the case with Antune. From then on, the control skills and the feedback of the monster has become a headache for the planning.And now Yin planning also wrote in the developer notes, to make DNF action return.From the point of view of this foreign world, it is the return of Hanfu, not the return of Chinese service, they can do it completely, but did not give it to Chinese service.In the longer term, DNF is currently in conflict with action, and how to integrate action into the current game environment is a real challenge.