Gansu forensic evidence in action

2022-06-08 0 By

On March 10, 2022, after the outbreak of this round of epidemic, Gansu Forensic Appraisal Institute purchased 100 boxes of instant noodles, 40 boxes of milk, 4 boxes of ham sausage, 2 boxes of pickled mustard and 30 boxes of fruit, and went to jiuquan East Toll Station to express condolences to the anti-epidemic personnel on the front line.The director of Gansu Science and Technology Forensic Appraisal Institute said, “The epidemic merciless people have feelings, work together to tide over the difficulties”, “epidemic” approaching, Gansu Science and technology forensic appraisal Institute should do their share of responsibility, make a contribution, only unite as one, together to overcome the difficulties, can win the epidemic prevention and control battle.(Jiuquan Justice Bureau) Source: Justice Department of Gansu Province