Guangdong province released the first batch of 127 A-level travel agencies

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On February 15, guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism released the first batch of 127 A-level travel agencies in Guangdong province, including 30 4A level travel agencies, 95 3A level travel agencies and 2 2A level travel agencies.Learned, 4 a travel agency mainly distributed in the pearl river delta region, foshan, huizhou, two cities most 4 a travel agency, has five, respectively, in guangzhou have three, shenzhen has four, one home in zhuhai, shantou has two, shaoguan has 1, there are two of zhongshan, jiangmen, there are three maoming has two, zhaoqing has 1, qingyuan has one.And in 95 3A level travel agencies, Guangzhou has 17.In the list, there are 3 local travel agencies in Guangzhou, including Guangzhilits International Travel Service Co., LTD., Guangdong China Youth Travel Service Co., LTD., and Guangdong Xiangjiang Travel Service Co., LTD.According to introducing, according to the culture and tourism in guangdong province hall about 2021 year entire province travel agency rating work notice “(guangdong tour city [2021] no. 203) deployment requirements, on the basis of” guangdong province travel agency hierarchy and assess work regulations (try out) “regulation, such as the first travel agency rating work according to the principle of” openness, fairness and justice “,By the local level to listing recommendation, qualification audit, expert review, online publicity and other procedures.Guangdong travel agency rating should work hard to improve the evaluation mechanism and standard indicators, and form an industry standard with Guangdong characteristics that can walk in the forefront of the country.It is necessary to strengthen the application of achievements and propaganda guidance, further expand the social influence and reputation of rating travel agencies, let more enterprises participate in rating voluntarily, and expand the coverage of rating.At the same time, through the guidance of standards, to further form a good atmosphere of law-abiding and honest operation, promote the high-quality development of the travel agency industry.We should establish a dynamic evaluation mechanism, improve the detailed review and review mechanism, and strengthen the withdrawal mechanism.For enterprises with lagging development, declining service quality and more complaints, they should be warned and delisted in time to further enhance their awareness of crisis.Over the past two years, local travel agencies have been making precise efforts by sticking to quality, innovation and change, diversifying industries, and tourism assistance to promote enterprises to achieve sustainable development under the normalized epidemic prevention and control.A person in charge of GZL told reporters that since the outbreak of the epidemic, GZL has issued the first enterprise standard of Epidemic Prevention and Control Service standard for Travel Groups in China, which requires that it be implemented in coordination with all domestic local suppliers.Chief author of The Operating Guide for The Prevention and Control of Public Health Emergencies for Tourism Teams, and successfully obtained the local standard project approval of Guangzhou, leading the industry to deal with public health events, especially the prevention and control of infectious diseases;We advocate the spirit of “excellence” in quality control and further consolidate the foundation of enterprise development.Insiders said that in the tourism industry, the current rating of star hotels and a-level scenic spots has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and now the rating of travel agencies will also help standardize the industry and provide tourists with consumption guidance.Citizens Miss Chen said that travel agencies do large-scale at the same time, but also need to strengthen the characteristics, continuous innovation.She said she now books individual tickets, transportation and hotels through online travel platforms and major e-commerce companies.Article/Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng Reporter: Luo Lei Correspondent: Cantonese travel promotion