Dou Luo mainland: 1000 ren snow shou place for more than 30 years, but for tang sanliu liquid into a woman, with what

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Hello, everyone, I am heart dust, daily take you to see douro continent from a different Angle.Read douluo mainland the first complete works of small partners believe that there will be such a feeling, that is the story to the later stage, in fact, the dominant plot is around the two people of snow and Tang Three development, even if it is recognized as the first big villain by the east, its performance strength is not high qianren snow.Late in the plot, the most controversial topic up actually is also about tang sanwa towering snow between things, as we know, the snow is eternal temple towering, the current Pope’s daughter, she is treated as before exposure identity pieces placed in the days of empire, is eternal temple forces infiltrate into days dou empire made great sacrifices, it is for this reason,So to more than 30 years old Qian Ren snow or a clean virgin of the body.The topic of our article is: “qianren snow shou place for more than 30 years, but for a have not according to how many times the tang three physiological reaction, and also lost the precious virgin of the body, with what?”In the original novel so written, Qian Ren snow and Tang Three naked relative, even if it is successfully completed the inheritance assessment, even if her strength becomes very powerful, but from the girl into a woman’s feeling is not to go for a long time.This is the first time that snow fell in a thousand yards, hence the origin of the “Golden Liquid” meme.But the description of this scale is not the only one in this work.Tang three for thousands of renren physiological response is somewhat suppressed, but it did not go to where.From the small dance to see the tang three angels nine test reaction, it is obvious, at this time the tang three facing temptation is absolutely difficult to refuse.I believe that many fans see here will have such a question, that is tang three this test if it is not because of the dance under watching, he really can hold it?Qianren Snow for a person who has not seen a few times can be polluted to such a world, in addition to the author intended to meet the needs of some readers, more is actually the role of qianren Snow disrespect.To put it bluntly, Qianren snow is in order to achieve douro mainland heat, for tang Sanli single-minded image of the victim.For the original party, actually can know such a fact, that is but all a school-age female role almost have forced like tang three drama, for example, mencius is still, sun, XueKe, hu column na, etc., even NingRongRong and Zhu Zhuqing kiss tang three plot, which are establishing the image of tang three specific tools.Is Tang SAN single-minded?Is really single-minded, this is beyond doubt, but take so many girls to prove that tang three single-minded is necessary.Qian Renxue as a late high popularity role, “noble”, “strong” is synonymous with her.A villain like this could have been a goddess for millions of fans.But the content of the ninth examination of angel really made her image reduced to a joke, a joke for fans on both sides to use as a talking point.Say so, qian Ren snow defends place more than 30 years, originally can go down all the time nobility, however for Tang 3 establish tang 3 exclusive figure and become filthy, flow liquid even, become a woman from a girl.She really is the most failed character in Douro.Really with her is a high level of appearance and high popularity and tang three age-appropriate villain, so became an out-and-out victim.I am the heart dust, the daily update of the country mantex, like my content remember one key three link oh