How many minutes a day for beginners to press their legs?

2022-06-09 0 By

Beginners learn to press their legs for 40 minutes a day, 1 hour after beginners.Don’t press your legs in a hurry.After the warm-up exercise, do a slow leg press to ensure the quality of the leg press.We can’t be afraid to waste time.Similarly, leg pressure is not recommended for too long.In addition to committing to at least an hour of professional leg-pressing each day, make the most of the spare time available, such as resting your legs on the windowsill while reading, resting them on the rafters of the front chair during class (legs straight, toes hooked), and watching football.In short, use all available conditions to “hook your toes.”Be sure to warm up before pressing your legs, and it is best to press your legs after exercise, such as jogging, skipping, or walking.Just began to practice pressing legs, the height of the leg should be from low to high, step by step, do not rush.Each time the leg pressing time should not be too long, left and right alternately, 5-10 minutes each time.Leg pressing can be carried out anytime, anywhere, windowsill, table, park rockery.Place one leg on top, straight, and place the other leg on the ground with your belly resting on your leg.This method is simple and feasible, you can start a little lower, then gradually higher.