Industrial enterprises in Zhucheng get off to a good start

2022-06-09 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday, many enterprises in Zhucheng city are still working overtime in order to timely deliver orders.Entering the production workshop of Shandong Laurel Co., LTD., every seat is full in front of the assembly, testing, packaging……Workers in each production line orderly busy, the scene is a busy scene.”It’s a pity that I can’t go home to accompany my family during the Spring Festival, but the company gives me a good platform. No matter how busy or tired I am, I will try my best to fulfill the company’s orders.”Shandong Laurel machinery Co., LTD. Employee Li Wei said.Shandong Laurel Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of pressure vessels. It is a provincial specialized and special new enterprise with 21 utility model patents. Its products are exported to all over the world, and its output value is constantly improving.In 2021, the company’s output value reached more than 68 million yuan, and it is expected to achieve 100 million yuan in 2022.Yang Guigang, general manager of Shandong Laurel Machinery Co., LTD., said, “Our company’s orders have been queued up to May at present. Because the orders are abundant and the time is tight, we do not have a rest during the Spring Festival. The workers are also very cooperative with the company to rush the goods and strive to deliver the goods to customers as soon as possible.”In the steel cord production workshop of Shandong Daye Co., LTD., one automatic production line rumbles, and the workers stick to the electronic control table in their own responsibility, busy and orderly.”In January, our company received orders of nearly 20,000 tons of steel cord at home and abroad. At present, the factory is equipped with sufficient manpower and equipment. Fifteen production lines are working overtime to rush production, and the daily output can reach 600 tons.Shandong Daye Co., LTD. Steel cord line factory director Cang Junxiang said.Shandong Daye Co., LTD., as the national single champion demonstration enterprise in manufacturing industry and the invisible champion enterprise in Shandong Province, has a prominent position in the field of tire ring skeleton material. It is the world’s largest tire ring steel wire manufacturer, occupying more than 35% of the domestic market share and more than 16% of the global market share.The company speeds up the pace of intelligent upgrading and transformation, and fully implements high-end and international business development strategy to enhance and consolidate the company’s competitive position in the global rubber skeleton material industry.”This year the company plans to increase 20% on the basis of last year, about 45 million R&D investment, two new production lines, through the renovation of workshop equipment and production line, is expected to reach 700 tons per day, innovation and research to lead the high-quality development of the enterprise.”Cang Jun Xiang confidently said.The start is the decisive battle, the start is the sprint.Zhucheng vigorously implemented the strategy of “strengthening the city with industry and giving priority to industry”, and firmly established the concept of “project is king” to strive for a good start of the first quarter.City firmly establish a “chess” thought, carry forward the “active, bear, cooperative and efficient” team spirit, adhere to the “strict, true, fine, solid, fast” style of work, the courage to bear, dare to responsible, fast dry, to break through the key project, to speed up the construction of key industrial park, to provide strong support for the development of the city’s high quality.Strengthen industrial chain thinking, increase support for key enterprise projects, improve technological level and per-unit efficiency, and accelerate the leading industries to become stronger and better.Zhucheng insists that everything revolves around the project, everything focuses on the project, implements the good contact system, helps solve the existing difficulties and problems in time, and promotes the early completion, early production and early efficiency of the project.We will always focus on safety, strengthen management of construction sites, coordinate epidemic prevention and control and safety management, and truly build every project into a reliable and high-quality project, constantly creating new advantages of high-quality development.