Life is a game of success or failure, but love is not

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Life is a chess game of success or failure, but love does not shine in the afternoon, the heart of love beating against the west window of the sun, around the small chessboard, one go down in such a chess pieces beat past.The glass ball was all colored, like sunlight passing through a drop of water, while our fingers played with the stars.These planetesimals are small moods in the sky, which are maneuverable under our control.But this small chessboard is carrying everything in the world, there are congestion and smooth, there are winners and losers also happy and sad.And either outcome is defined in this little checkerboard.It doesn’t matter who wins and who loses, but we feel each other’s ideas in the battle over and over.Life is a game of success or failure, but love is not.We just use a kind of appearance to carry the calm in their life, with the calm in life to cover up the fatigue of the human world.Calm down, put the sun in the hands, pick up each glass ball, this shining afternoon, beating with our love mood.This article is the third chapter of the long prose poem “Tea Fragrance of Life” in Jingxin Simple language, with a total of 80 chapters.Welcome to the jingxin Simple language poetry review column “Zhuyuan Poetry – Tranquil years, poetic Life”.Infringement of original works is strictly prohibited.