To be happy!Shandong men’s basketball gao Caisheng official announced 1 big good news, High shiyan message 4 consecutive hair, that is called an acid

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The Shandong High Speed men’s basketball team will travel to Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong province, for the final 10 rounds of the 2021-22 CBA regular season.On February 14, valentine’s Day, Liu Yi, a top talent in Shandong Men’s basketball team, announced his marriage through social media.It is really gratifying to congratulate, let’s congratulate Liu Yi, this henan guy is really too happy!Unexpectedly, Shandong men’s basketball team in liaoning men’s basketball elite Gao Shiyan saw Liu Yi’s official announcement of good news, came to a message 4 hair, let a person see, that call an acid ah.Speaking of Liu Yi, shandong fans still recognize him very much. The college player was brought to Shandong men’s Basketball team by Gong Xiaobin in the summer of 2020.Liu Yi was originally a talented student of Beijing Sport University. After he came to Shandong Men’s Basketball Team, he won the trust and support of coach Gong Xiaobin with his strong basic skills.In his rookie season of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) in 2020-21, Liu played 45 games for Shandong Men’s Basketball team, averaging 4.1 points and one rebound in 13.2 minutes per game.It can be said that the arrival of Liu Yi, let shandong men’s basketball risk problem has been a great crack.When Gong Xiaobin left The Shandong men’s basketball team, Liu Yi’s life was not so good.In the first 28 rounds of the season, Liu played in 24 games for Shandong, starting 11 times and averaging 2.8 points and 1.4 rebounds in 12.3 minutes.This has a lot to do with Xu Changsuo’s employment, and the return of Ding Yanyuhang has a lot to do with, and liu Guancen’s return also has a lot to do with.However, Liu Yi is a determined person, as long as he is given the opportunity, he will show a strong ability to defend himself on the court, and scoring, obviously, is not liu Yi’s ability to show at the moment.Especially in the defense of the other side of the small foreign aid, Xu Changsuo to Liu Yi or very approbation.On the evening of February 14, Liu Yi posted a short composition on his social media platform. In this 380-word manifesto, Liu yi is full of love!Originally, liu yi himself in the social platform officer announced a big good news, that is to get married, object is the primary school classmate, two people always adhere to the long distance relationship, now liu yi to marry him success, from students to friends and family, liu yi form small composition, let a person very deeply, point of view, the “good” is not white college, he was so happy,Let’s congratulate Liu Yi!Unexpectedly, liu Yiguan announced the successful marriage proposal after the good news, Shandong men’s basketball team in the Liaoning men’s basketball team gao Shiyan is as upset jealous of the general, four messages, that is called a sour ah.Gao Shiyan wrote: “I love The Olympics in primary school”, “Yi Xin Yi Olympics”, “CAN I control your life event”, “after sending this micro blog to LS Olympics?”Look at that, isn’t it sour?No wonder some fans asked Ko, “When will you get married?”Gao shiyan did not respond.