10,000 Shimano kits robbed!Bike Fun Int. Lost more than ten million euros

2022-06-10 0 By

Bike Fun International, a Czech Bike manufacturer, has shared the shocking news of a brazen highway robbery that could delay the completion of some of their bikes for a whole year.Organised criminals followed a tractor-trailer carrying enough Shimano kits to make 10,000 bicycles, worth more than 10 million euros.The robbers then knocked the driver unconscious at a repair station on the German autobahn and stole everything of value while he was unconscious.Bike Fun Int. Is the largest bicycle manufacturer in The Czech Republic, with production lines of Superior, Rock Machine and Frappe Cycles, as well as contract manufacturing for several other European brands, producing more than 150,000 bicycles and electric bicycles annually.But now their production plans have suffered a huge setback when they lost the Shimano kits they needed to complete production of 10,000 bikes.And even if they had insured the stolen parts, they could not find replacements because of industry-wide supply shortages.The company and the authorities believe an organized criminal gang monitored the Shimano distribution center and then followed the trucks as they set off.On January 21, unidentified thieves knocked the driver unconscious when he had to stop for a rest on a trans-European cargo trip.Then, with the driver unconscious, the entire trailer is unloaded, leaving behind only a few boxes of low-end products, and traces and fingerprints are covered with fire extinguisher powder.Edit: HCY Image: Resource gallery