A flower is a world, a leaf is a bodhi

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That love the past such as clouds and smoke diffuse in the long journey, once owned and now can not give up such as dust, with water gradually disappeared in the world of mortals.Bodhi this no tree, mirror is not Taiwan, had no things, where to provoke dust.Life is not a dream.If I dream, I am afraid I will wake up and become old.In this big world, material desires flow, gently guard a quiet party, looking for a quiet: calm mood, love pollution.Flowers at the moment, shouhou quiet, not infected with the catharsis of the secular, twist a refers to the fragrance of the text, in the sun, product a cup of tea, the heart to nature, to enjoy the bath of all things.Stone yun jade and mountain hui, water containing in sichuan mei, to the heart of a quiet relief.Do not rejoice with things, do not grieve with yourself.Give yourself warm safety.Weak water three thousand, I only take a ladle drink, out of the silt and not dyed, zhuo Qinglian and not demon, perhaps this is the best confession of the secular and the world of mortals.Spring has flowers autumn, summer has a cool wind winter snow, if no catty hanging heart, is a good time in life.Many moments, choose to give up the present, to find their own voice, that may be the best pursuit.Each person in this is a unique individual, do not turn the ideal of others into their own ideal, because each of us has their own way, rather than seeing the beauty of others, it is better to manage their own happiness.Perhaps we often involuntarily, that does not belong to our muddy often accompany us each other, but he is just a small episode of our life course.Suddenly look back, look at yourself once walked each path, tears aspersed full of the whole sky, that clear sky may be cleaned by me, at that time I have lost the perception of life, but also for the vitality of tears, but also for the feelings of sadness, but never thought to give up a paragraph.Tears in my eyes, looking at the clouds dancing in the sky, I examine myself, how many times wandering, how many times alone are lost in that time.Bodhi this no tree, mirror is not Taiwan, had no things, where to provoke dust.This is a person, there is no need to deliberately to be a man, the world is the world, there is no need to elaborate.Sitting is also zen, walking is also zen, one flower is a world, one leaf is one, spring flowers from green, autumn leaves fall, infinite prajna heart at ease, silent movement natural.Everything happens naturally, there is no need to force it.The white cloud and I know best. When I live in the mountains, it also follows me. When I come in the evening, it still protects Chai Fei.Perhaps this suddenly no longer exists, but we can pursue an emptiness.Find a quiet, let the heart to drift, find a piece of peace, let the dream to travel.