Chinese women’s football team is called sonorous rose, why men’s football team will become a group of people to add obstacles?

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Recently for a period of time, it is very important to Chinese women’s football and Chinese football game, one for the 12 strong competition for the World Cup in the impact, the other one is for the Asian cup, for the qualification of struggle, but they are not the same, the team lost to rivals, but also to everyone thought can’t lose, it is Vietnam, now become a difficult group,Why do they become street rats?Chinese football first, since the team’s loss to the Vietnam, the media and fans uproar, think that should not be lost to Vietnam, after all, they even weaker than us, but the results not only lost the scene is lost too ugly, it will not be able to see, with net friend’s words, the other goalkeeper is freezing, half a day did not see his shadow, he could do was sit there waiting for the team’s attack,What a shame!Vietnam team to make Chinese people cannot accept, all sorts of fun, but their income and pay far too high, and charter flights, a five-star hotel, even so, li3 tie3 also said that the house is too small, cannot satisfy, to the contrary, most Chinese women’s football live cheap hotel, eat instant noodles every day, they couldn’t play soccer with hemorrhagic,Against a superior Japanese team, they came back from two downs to draw twice before winning in a penalty shootout. That is the charm of Chinese women’s football.Against Japan, the Chinese women’s team a lot of people do not look good, even the CCTV broadcast the game, they for the game, the Chinese women’s team can win doesn’t look good, but the Chinese women’s football girl with practical action to do not abandon, don’t give up, they with all kinds of pressure, who can’t lost to Japan, or soccer, is their fate, they saw,The team pulled together, fell behind twice, came back at the crucial moment, had a number of injured players carried off in the middle of the game, and was able to beat Japan in the absence of the injured king Of the team, both the result and the process left the men’s team blushing.Huang Qiang talk about sports think slanting, now the team’s compared with the Chinese women’s team, their status in the hearts of people vary widely, the national soccer team should have won the game loses, and also ten ugly scenes, whole is hiding the ball, especially Wu Xi, he hid the ball become a bright spot for many times, the team from top to bottom are in poor performance, all is to rely on eyes defense, walked on the court playing, this can not lose?On the contrary, The Chinese women’s football team proved with practical actions that Chinese people can also play good football. They narrowly beat the other side in the situation of great disparity in strength, reached the final, and accomplished the originally impossible thing. Can the Chinese women’s football team not be the pride of the Chinese people?If you have a choice, do you prefer national football team or Chinese women’s football team?This article is the author huang Qiangwei on sports original article, declined to be reproduced, offenders will investigate!Picture material from the network, if there is something wrong, please contact the author to delete!