Siyang: the enterprise is busy with production technology innovation and development

2022-06-10 0 By

Spring diligent people come early, struggle, in recent days, our county enterprises have been engaged in busy production, workers grasp the progress, busy production, and strive to achieve the New Year’s new start.In the morning of February 8, when the reporter came to Suqian Zhongli Energy Group Co., Ltd. phase I production workshop to see, the workshop rumble, intense production, everywhere present a busy scene.Wang Guowen, General Manager of Suqian Zhongli Energy Group Co., LTD.In 2021, we are in the construction period, in 2022, we want to become our growth period, we are based on 2021, the customer is stable, the market is good, our group headquarters in 2022 has given us this mobilization, in 2022, we will invoice income, we are guaranteed six fight for eight,We’re looking for somewhere between 6 and 8 billion.Suqian Zhongli Energy Group will sign a contract in Siyang in 2021 with a total investment of 5 billion yuan. The project scale is to produce 5GW photovoltaic cells, 5GW modules, and supporting products such as brazing strips and junction boxes.Under siyang’s considerate help, the first phase of the project was put into production at the end of May 2021, creating the “China-Li Speed” in the new era.As a solar photovoltaic product manufacturer, we should pay more attention to technological innovation.In the New Year, Zhongli Energy Group will speed up the mass production stage of the electronic production workshop under the condition of gradual mass production of the component production workshop. In the second half of the year, it will prepare for the second phase project as planned, striving to make greater contributions to the construction of Siyang.Wang Guowen, General Manager of Suqian Zhongli Energy Group Co., LTD.We will have one or two production lines to enter into our latest product process experiments, and we will timely adjust our next generation of products, new generation of products, with more production efficiency, power generation and product competitiveness for the subsequent development of our enterprise, leaving sufficient space.In siyang Economic Development Zone, there are many companies like Zhongli Energy, which are busy with production and striving for a new start.In the production workshop of Jiangsu Baopolai Semiconductor Co., hundreds of machines are running at high speed as workers churn out orders to be sold overseas.According to the person in charge of the enterprise, the New Year orders have been lined up, the current production is basically full capacity.Lu Weiming, General manager of Jiangsu Baopulai Semiconductor Co., LTD. : In 2021, Our baopulai will produce about 13.1 billion semiconductors, reaching 480 million. In 2022, we set a target of 700 million, achieving 18 billion semiconductors.Product is the key to enterprise competition.In the New Year, Popley semiconductor will continue to make efforts in technological innovation and product upgrading to seek better development opportunities for enterprises.Jiangsu bao pu lai semiconductor co., LTD. General manager Lu Weiming: we plan to increase the four products in 2022, originally we were doing small types of products and small power products, we plan this year, slowly in the high-power products, including diode, then we also by AC, semiconductor AC is also important to our products.The good development trend of enterprises is the result of siyang county’s continuous strengthening of enterprise assistance service and promoting economic development in recent years.It is reported that most of the enterprises in Siyang have resumed their work normally at present. All enterprises are stepping up production in accordance with the target requirements, striving for a “good start” of the New Year and making contributions to the high-quality development of siyang’s industrial economy.