Standard for successful people!Cadillac XT6 high-end mobility

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Recently, an internal document titled “Audi CKD model production plan notice” was circulated on the Internet, which hit consumers in the head.Sources indicate that audi A4L, A6L, Audi Q7 and Q5L have been out of stock due to the lack of core of engine ECU control module and GPS positioning module, and will even stop production one after another.You used to ignore it, but now it’s hard to buy it at a higher price.For this reason, the current market, also constantly blowing to buy Cadillac XT6 upsurge, that if you do not buy Cadillac XT6, there will be the same as audi Q7 difficult to find a car situation!So what are audi Q7 and Cadillac XT6 models?Seize the consumer demands, Cadillac XT6 let you follow the “yu” for a long time, the Cadillac brand do more than just a car, XT6 is seize the consumer demands, with 48 v light mixed power system, can make quick start-up speed of 0.2 seconds, let endurance life start-stop 500000 times, and then bring more quiet driving and fuel efficiency higher dynamic experience.It is reported that XT600km fuel consumption only 7.2 litres, is worthy of the energy saving “top student”.And the audi Q7, actually collocation is 48 v light mixed system, the different is its 3.0 -liter turbocharged engine also collocation, can bring high power 340 horsepower and 500 cattle, big torque, parameters on than a Cadillac XT6 2.0 T power to be more tough, but the premium brand and now out of stock, it is a problem that you can’t run away,That’s why consumers are jumping into the Cadillac XT6.In the transmission, Cadillac XT6 with a new 9-speed hand automatic transmission, with a tight gear setting, can better insight into consumers’ driving intentions, and then bring clear shifting logic and smooth flowing.In terms of space, Cadillac XT6 is equipped with three rows of large Spaces, offering a six-seat/seven-seat dual layout design, the second row has independent seats, leaving enough moving passage and two child safety seat ports, which can accommodate the needs of multi-child families.In addition, the third row seats enjoy the one-button electric open and close folding function, easy to adjust, and can accommodate more large luggage.Second, the first and second rows have a sliding function, and there is plenty of legroom for different passengers.The Audi Q7 offers optional configurations, in which the second row seats are also designed to slide for better comfort, and the third row seats are also designed to recline, making it easy for customers to find a comfortable sitting position.The event will run from February 19, 2022 to February 26, 2022