What are the ideas in Zhouyi (14)

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The 27th Hexagrams — Yi Hexagrams.Yi gua means cultivation and recuperation.1, if a person only focuses on seeking material enjoyment from nature, indulge in material enjoyment, and do not pay attention to spiritual cultivation and the law of life and diet and other aspects of the recuperation, will inevitably bring risks to themselves.2, everything should be done in moderation, not excessive greed, excessive greed is just a quick, not long.To use the usual heart to treat life, diet, take care of the body.Life will not be too bad if you are well organized.Material satisfaction, heart and spirit should be abundant, life is wonderful everywhere, to be good at discovering the fun of life, so as to live a high quality of life.Twenty Eight Trigrams — The Great Hexagrams.Big big trigrams meaning is too much, but become a burden.1, do things to be careful, master the sense of proportion, not too much, too active, too intense, too hard and so on, are not conducive to the maintenance of their own interests, but become a mental burden.Do things to avoid doing meaningless things, speech also want to avoid unnecessary remarks.If a ship is too heavy, it will capsize. It will be quiet and indifferent, stable and unyielding, and it will not suffer disaster.4, life, just self-indulging, overconfidence, too hasty, too fast development, are improper behavior, need to shrink and adjust, remove improper practices, waiting for time to move.Don’t act unless you are sure.January 2022 Spring Festival Gala Dance and Poetry drama “Only This Green”