European and American police and personal defense pistol in the model appearance level performance also outstanding Luger name gun

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Sturm-ruger, which is known for its dazzling civilian guns in Europe, has never been short of eye-catching products, such as the Security-9 automatic pistol, which the company launched in 2018, which is innovative in both appearance and performance.The standard ruger Safety 9 automatic pistol has a total length of 184 mm, an empty gun mass of 0.7kg, and a magazine capacity of 15 rounds.The gun is a high-quality competition-grade barrel with a length of 102mm and 6 dextral rifling grooves. The barrel is made of stainless steel.The sleeve of the gun is also made of steel, and the sleeve holder is made of polymer material. The word “Security-9” is engraved on the left side of the sleeve, and the tactical guide rail is reserved below the front for users to install tactical lights, laser Pointers and other accessories according to their needs and habits.The new Version of the Ruger Safety 9 has a dedicated all-in-one laser designator on the front of the trigger guard, with prominent red buttons on either side for easy switching.Features such as the disassembly lever, empty-bin release lever, insurance, and magazine clip are all located on the left side of the gun. This design fails to take into account the habits of left-handed gunners.The gun uses reliable trigger insurance, which basically eliminates accidental trigger triggering and resulting gun misfire.