Makino district posted the movements of a contact

2022-06-11 0 By

On March 29, 2022, according to the push of the municipal headquarters, the resident of the district Named Hu Mou was the close contact of the confirmed case on bus D3201.Hu has been quarantined at a centralized quarantine site in Mayeongda district. The nucleic acid test result was negative on March 30, and he has received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine.Through epidemiological investigation, the activity track of the contact hu is published as follows: on March 29, he took D3201 from Jiaxing south to Hangzhou East, transferred to G3118 to Zhengzhou East at 14:30, went to the automatic ticket machine after arriving at 18:59, and then took a taxi to Mooming Apartment (room 801) to check in;At 22:00, I went to the mobile stall downstairs to eat fried rice noodles. After dinner, I went back to Moming Apartment to rest and didn’t go out again.At 07:00 on March 30, go to the breakfast restaurant and have breakfast. Then take a taxi to Zhengzhou East Railway Station and take G1560 back to Xinxiang.09:22 arrive at Xinxiang East Railway Station and take a taxi to Room 421 of Star Hotel.At about 10:40, he walked to Jia Ji breakfast and dinner restaurant for dinner. During that time, he was informed by jiaxing CDC telephone that he was connected with the passenger. Then he walked back to the hotel and did not go out again.On 30 March, they were transported in closed loop to a centralized isolation point for isolation.Please do not panic blindly, do not believe or spread rumors, and contact your community (village committee) or epidemic prevention and control headquarters in time to cooperate with relevant departments to implement prevention and control measures.If you have fever, fatigue, dry cough, diarrhea, or a dull or absent sense of smell (taste), you should wear a disposable surgical mask and go to the nearest fever clinic for diagnosis and treatment in time, and avoid taking public transportation during medical treatment.Please inform each other that if there is any concealment and serious consequences, relevant personnel will be investigated for responsibility according to law.If you have any questions, please call the hotline of Muye COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters at 0373-3069939.The national Party media information public platform provides information dissemination services.ID: JRTT