Xu Weihan, leader of “Chaozhou Rare Blood Family”, leads “Panda blood” volunteers to spread love with blood

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Hui Wei Han is donating blood.Photo provided by our reporter Wu Bing “after receiving surgery patients with blood for help, volunteers donated 400 millilitres rH-O blood for free!””After receiving help from haemorrhage puerpera, volunteers donated 700 ml RH-B blood for puerpera free of charge!”…In the wechat moments of Xu Weihan, the leader of “Chaozhou Rare Blood Group Home”, you can always see the love relay again and again.In 2015, Xu Weihan, who has Rh-negative blood (commonly known as panda blood), set up the “Teozhou Rare Blood Family” love team to unite local “panda blood” people to donate blood and help each other.By November 2021, Xu weihan had led volunteers to donate nearly 26,000 ml of “panda blood” to help pregnant women and patients tide over difficulties in several emergency situations.Recently, he was named “Moving Teochew person of the Year 2021”.Heo, a soldier, donated blood for the first time while serving in the army in 2005 and was told he had Rh-negative blood.After returning to Chaozhou, he joined the QQ group of Chaozhou Rare Blood Group.In 2015, Xu set up a wechat group called “Chaozhou Rare Blood Group” in order to spread information faster and help each other in a timely manner, and embarked on the path of voluntary blood donation and rare blood assistance.Since serving as the leader of the wechat group, he has made every effort to strengthen the team of rare blood type on the one hand and timely organized group members to help patients with rare blood type in the city on the other hand.He actively established cooperative relations with blood banks and hospitals, and immediately informed the members of the group and arranged volunteers to donate blood once he received the information for help of rare blood types.At the same time, I rushed to the blood station to track the progress, coordinate the staff to carry out testing work, and strive to send the blood to the hospital as soon as possible.In most cases, it is not just a volunteer who “fights alone”, but the close cooperation between the volunteer and the blood bank and the patient’s family.On the evening of April 4, 2018, Xu Weihan received a “Panda blood” emergency patient help message.Xu weihan immediately verified the situation, contacted volunteers to donate blood, and informed shantou Panda Volunteer Association and Jieyang Rare Blood Group Alliance of the relevant situation, asking them to help.He also communicated with the square blood donation car and the head of the blood station to explain the situation.After the blood station was informed, the staff were immediately arranged to work overtime to collect blood.More than 10 volunteers in Chaozhou, Shantou and Jieyang finally donated more than 1,000 milliliters of “life-saving blood”.It was nearly midnight when the last volunteer of the night finished donating blood.The next day, after receiving fresh blood, the patient’s condition was effectively controlled.The number of known rare blood groups in chaoshan three cities is small.Through this joint rescue, Xu weihan took the initiative to communicate with the leaders of rare blood association and alliance in Shantou and Jieyang cities, and decided to establish a joint system of rare emergency management and rescue in Chaoshan and set up the “Chaoshan Rare Blood Alliance” in January 2019.Blood emergencies can be dealt with more reliably through mutual assistance.Popularizing knowledge and benefiting others in receiving blood donation for help, pregnant women accounted for a large proportion.However, many pregnant women are at a loss when they know they are “panda blood”.To solve the problem of “panda blood” maternal meet, and let more people know “panda blood” knowledge, Xu Wei Korea in 2018, formed a “chaoshan panda to give blood group”, invited Chinese alliance of rare blood type, head of guangdong and obstetrics and gynecology doctors as advisers to the group, as into a group of maternal disambiguation answer, popular science “panda blood” maternal considerations,Help remove doubt and fear.He never took any payment from his patients.As of November 2021, the rare blood group led by Xu Weihan has donated 25,900 ml of “panda blood”, saving 60 people every time and providing knowledge solutions for more than 100 pregnant women with “panda blood”.The team has grown from 20 people at the beginning to 240 now.He also established emergency contact with the outside world to strengthen mutual cooperation in chaozhou, effectively alleviating the local Rh-negative blood demand for clinical blood use.Today, their love continues.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com