3 “dangerous elements” poured out of China’s periphery, Zhang Zhaozhong warned: the start must not be soft

2022-06-13 0 By

Today, although the international situation is still turbulent, the theme of peaceful development is inseparable.At present, the situation between Russia and Ukraine and in the Middle East still touches the hearts of many people.At a time of international turmoil, the United States, as the world’s “number one power”, has continued to conduct military operations. Aircraft carriers, warships and fighter jets have been spotted in sensitive waters, and now the United States, along with its Allies, is sending out dangerous signals to Russia, raising concerns that a major war may be inevitable.However, when the international community is focusing on the situation in Russia and Ukraine, China’s military expert Zhang Zhaozhong has issued a clear warning that China’s three neighboring countries have shown their fangs.It should be noted that as the world’s “number one power”, the United States has strong economic and military strength, powerful aircraft carrier battle group and various technologically advanced weapons and equipment, which is also a strong confidence for the United States to act arrogantly in the international community.In order to maintain its hegemony, the US has often threatened other countries’ development with the “big stick of sanctions”, and threatened its competitors with large-scale military exercises and “freedom of navigation”. Many countries have always dared not speak out.Now, even as American military action continues, there are red flags in the Asia-pacific region.Originally, the three countries around our country have revealed the true face, Zhang Zhaozhong is a warning that: the start must not be soft.The first is India. In recent years, in order to improve its military strength, India has often purchased advanced weapons and equipment from the US and Russia, and is naturally getting closer to the US.It is reported that some time ago, under the leadership of India, 46 navies held a military exercise in the Indian Ocean.Now, India is busy proving its military might.The second is the Philippines.It is reported, because of historical factors, the country’s relations with the United States is intimately involved, despite publicly several times in the Philippines, said will never become a “client state” of the United States, but this is a tough country, has repeatedly in order to their own reality, many times to accept America’s “kindness”, and made a lot of military cooperation.Now, as its military ambitions are revealed, it has repeatedly stirred up trouble in the international community.Finally, there is Vietnam. Despite the deep blood feud between the United States and Vietnam, Vietnam is now courting the United States even as it increases its military presence in the Asia-pacific region, and has even agreed to allow the United States to set up military bases in its territory.There is no guarantee that a country that has courted its former enemies will make dangerous military moves in the future, the people said bluntly.Today, as the international situation continues to change and the military ambitions of India, the Philippines and Vietnam have been exposed, it can be seen that Zhang zhaozhong’s warning is not groundless, we must remain highly vigilant for this.