A cane chair “break” into Europe

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In March, guizhou Daily Tianyan news reporter Zhang Sai walked into the production workshop of Guizhou Shanshui Huicen Home Furnishing Co., LTD., located in the new building materials park in Guanling Autonomous County. The workers were especially busy. “This order is worth 15 million DOLLARS.”Wu Shihui, deputy general manager of the company, said the goods will be shipped across the ocean and their destination is Spain.It is reported that Shanshui Huichen home furnishing is a foreign trade enterprise introduced by Guanling, which will be completed and put into production at the end of September 2021. Its business involves the development, production and sales of outdoor home furnishing and indoor furniture.At present, the products are mainly furniture made of iron, aluminum alloy and rattan products, which are mainly sold to Spain, the United States, Germany and other European and American countries. The production order has been lined up until October this year.How to let a cane chair “break into” enter Euramerican market?Wu said that the company decided to do only foreign trade business from the beginning, is an export-oriented enterprise.Through study and talent recruitment in Foshan, Guangdong province, the company can achieve seamless connection from product design to sales.”At present, we mainly entrust foreign trade enterprises in Guangzhou to act as export agents. In March, we have put on record for foreign trade export in Guizhou. When relevant formalities are completed, we can save agency fees and keep taxes and data in Guizhou.”With a keen business perspective, Shanshui Huicen home from Guizhou vigorously develop export-oriented economy to see the pace of business opportunities, government intimate service is to strengthen the confidence of the development of enterprises.”We have enjoyed the preferential policy of ‘three exemptions, two halving’ and the support of east-West cooperation funds.”Wu Shihuan said that nowadays, the transportation in Guizhou is more and more convenient, and it takes only one month to reach Europe from Guanling packing and delivery. The development prospect of the enterprise is very good.As a labor-intensive enterprise, the advantage of human resources is also an important factor for the company to settle in Guanling.Shanshui Huichen home needs 1500 workers to produce at full capacity.In order to meet the employment needs of enterprises, Guanling Autonomous County bureau of Industry and Information Technology, county employment bureau and other units actively coordinate and publicize, build up the employment bridge between enterprises and the masses to recruit and find jobs.Enterprise orders, good benefits, generous treatment can not only let the surrounding people find jobs at home, but also attract many migrant workers to return home to find employment.”I used to work in a furniture company in Foshan. Recently, I heard that the company had a good income, so I applied for a job.Now I earn 400 yuan a day on average. The company also provides free dormitories and a canteen for meals.”Said Marshal Wei, the workman.At present, shanshui Huichen household has driven guanling and surrounding people more than 300 people employment, this year’s output value is estimated at more than 100 million yuan.The next step, the company will seize the new state development no. 2 document issued by the opportunity, strengthen the linkage between enterprises and the government, set about establishing foreign trade companies and cushion factories, expand the industrial area, extend the industrial chain, further bigger and stronger.