What should we pay attention to when returning to Sichuan after the festival?Do not forget to protect, take the initiative to report

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The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, and many friends are already on their way home.There is a large flow of people returning after the holiday, and there is a risk of epidemic transmission.What should we pay attention to on the way back?Sichuan disease control and prevention experts advised: we must pay close attention to the epidemic situation, and know the requirements of the epidemic prevention policies of the origin, transit and destination in advance.Scientifically plan routes to avoid going to or passing through medium-high risk areas and areas with local epidemics. It is recommended to carry nucleic acid test certificates within 48 hours to avoid delays due to different screening requirements.Wear a mask if you take public transport on your way back to your post.Avoid touching public objects and parts. Keep hands clean and do not touch your mouth, eyes and nose with uncleaned hands.Do not spit everywhere. Cover your mouth and nose with tissue or elbow clothes when sneezing or coughing.Minimize the time and frequency of meals on public transport.Pay attention to the health of passengers around, and avoid close contact with people with suspicious symptoms.In transportation stations, service areas and other places to avoid clustering, also to do a good job of personal protection.At present, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial epidemic headquarters, the following regulations are implemented: 01 People who have a history of living in medium-high risk areas will be quarantined in sichuan. Nucleic acid tests will be conducted every three days until they leave the high-risk areas for 14 days.02 with high-risk areas in the villages and towns (street) living history (return) to sichuan personnel, implementing home quarantine (not satisfy home quarantine conditions, implementation of centralized isolation), 1, 3, 7 days for nucleic acid detection, until leave the risk area, the villages and towns (street) for 7 days so far, quarantine double by double check.Health monitoring will be carried out at home for people (excluding municipalities directly under the central government) who have traveled to or returned to Sichuan from counties (cities, districts and banners) of medium-high risk areas. Nucleic acid tests will be conducted on the first, third and seventh days until they leave the counties (cities, districts and banners) of medium-high risk areas for 7 days.Persons coming to (returning) Sichuan from other counties (cities, districts, banners) of the city where medium-high risk areas are located or from other towns (streets) of the county (districts) of the municipality where medium-high risk areas are located should provide nucleic acid negative certificates within 48 hours, and take nucleic acid test again within 24 hours after entering Sichuan.If they cannot provide negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, they shall take nucleic acid test twice within 3 days after entering sichuan province (with an interval of 24 hours). They shall not go out or gather before the nucleic acid test result is released.Persons coming to or returning to Sichuan from counties (cities, districts and banners) with local infected persons but no medium-high risk areas are required to provide nucleic acid negative certificates within 48 hours and take another nucleic acid test within 24 hours after entering Sichuan.If a negative nucleic acid test certificate cannot be provided within 48 hours, nucleic acid test shall be conducted twice within 3 days (with an interval of 24 hours) after entering Sichuan.Local delineation of medium-high risk areas, then into the corresponding standard management.Special reminder: If you have a recent travel history in an epidemic area and receive a warning message or your health code changes to “yellow code”, please immediately report your travel history to your village (community), work unit or hotel, take nucleic acid test as required, and cooperate with all epidemic prevention and control measures.Those who refuse to report and do not take the initiative to carry out nucleic acid tests, who hinder the prevention and control of the epidemic and cause the spread of the epidemic, will be investigated for their legal responsibilities in accordance with the law.Please take the initiative to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control inspection. When stopping at expressways and other service stations, please observe the rules of code scanning, registration and temperature measurement, wear masks correctly, keep a safe distance, strengthen personal protection, and reduce the stay time.For the health advice of you and your family, take a nucleic acid test after coming (returning) to Sichuan to reassure yourself and your family!Source: Sichuan DISEASE Control and Prevention Editor: Xiang Qing (probant) Editor: Zhang Xiaoling Mou Juan Wang Yan Supervised production: Peng Xiaoying Chief supervised production: Jiang Junhong