A young woman fell to the floor drunk with her friends, who didn’t help her

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During the Spring Festival, friends get together to talk and drink.When young people eat together, they drink to amuse themselves, and after a few glasses of wine, they talk more and feel more deeply.There is a saying on the wine table “deep feelings, a stuffy, shallow feelings, lick a lick”, so many people in order not to refute the face of friends, at the wine table is also all come, always feel that this is a guard of righteousness, is a true friend.But drink to also want to see oneself wine quantity, especially the girl, can’t get drunk oneself more.Because a lot of unpredictable things will happen when you get drunk outside. Many girls know this situation, but they still can’t help their friends to persuade them to drink, and finally get drunk.A young girl in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, fell to the ground after her friends got her drunk, but they ran away and left her lying on the cold ground.The climate of Shenzhen is really very suitable for living, although it is winter, but there are still 17 degrees, many young people outside a thin coat, inside a short sleeve can be.The Chinese New Year, young people like to get together to have a meal, so as to send away the boring holiday, but also to deepen the relationship, so the hotel business is very hot, every house is full, everyone is pushing a cup for a cup, not drunk.At a roadside stall, several young men and women in their twenties were sitting down to eat.They drank a lot of alcohol, both white wine and beer, and all of them were red-faced and hot. They took off their coats and drank in short sleeves.By the end of the drink, a table is a mess, the ground is also a piece of garbage.A young woman, drunk, plopped down on the floor.I thought the girl fell to the ground, her friends would go to help her up, but the friends looked at her, did not bother her, their walk, leaving the girl lying alone on the cold ground.The girl was so drunk that she didn’t know her friend had left and didn’t feel the cold on the ground. She just lay there.The boss looked at the girl on the ground, and was helpless. He did not know what to do, because he did not know where the girl’s home was, and he did not know how to arrange the girl. She was too drunk, and if he did not help her, it would be dangerous.But the girl’s friends had all left and no one cared about her.The boss didn’t notice the drunk girl on the floor until he cleared the table.The boss shook his head and sighed, wondering why the girls drink so hard now.Netizens saw the girl lying on the ground, also very distressed, think she made friends carelessly, drunk even no one to help her home, just a group of fair-weather friends.Some netizens said: These netizens are really not authentic, especially the boys.Also some net friends say: break friend, cannot want such friend.Some netizens believe that girls should drink with trusted friends when drinking outside, otherwise they should not get drunk, or they will put themselves in danger.Girls in the outside to protect themselves, and friends have a meal with the best do not drink, drink some drinks can be.If you eat with all boys and no girls, you can’t get drunk.Friends are also divided into a variety of, some worth life, some actually just fair-weather friends, interests of friends, and no friendship, such friends will not treat people sincerely, and this kind of friends do not drink together, because they do not care what you drink.Girls to self-respect, to know how to protect themselves, any occasion to be reserved, do not indulge themselves, do not casually drunk outside, do not make some unreliable friends.