Brother killed at the Vancouver Olympics;Twelve years later, he competed in the Beijing Olympics

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This is an inspiring Olympic story of overcoming fear and overcoming tragedy. It is not about MEDALS, but a true footnote to the Olympic spirit.Saba Kumaritashvili of Georgia ranked 31st in the men’s single luge at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in Yanqing National Bobsled Center on February 6.What many people don’t know about this athlete is that the story of what happened to him and his family during the Winter Olympics is a powerful one.The Kumaritashvili family is one of Georgia’s best-known bobsledding families.Saba’s ancestor, Arigo Kumaritashvili, is considered the founder of Georgian bobsledding, and his father is also the head of the Georgian bobsledding Association.In Georgia, kumaritashvili is almost synonymous with the sport of luge.Saba Kumaritashvili’s cousin was Nodal Kumaritashvili, who died just before the Vancouver Olympics.The bobsledder, who was born in 1989, died during an official training session on the eve of the Vancouver Olympics.His life came to an abrupt end at the age of 21 when he flew off the track at nearly 145km/h in turn 16 at Whistler and crashed into a pillar beside the track.Nordahl was training on the track for the 25th time and came less than six hours before the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics.Just when everyone thought the fatal accident would put an end to the Kumaritashvili family’s Olympic dreams, the kumaritashvili family didn’t give up their love of bobsledding.Nordahl died when Saba was just under 10 years old, but undeterred, he decided to pursue bobsledding, hoping to fulfill his cousin’s dream of reaching the pinnacle of the sport – the Winter Olympics.”I’m not scared at all.””I always miss Nordahl,” Saba said.Thinking about Nordahl is painful, but it also gives me strength.Everyone in my family is involved in sledding.With Nordahl gone, I didn’t want to let bobsledding die in Georgia.I want to keep the movement going.”Saba’s family is equally supportive. “Every generation in my family has had at least one bobsledder.My parents never objected to my sledding.At this point, I think they want sledding to run in the family more than I do.”Saba is 21, the same age Nordahl was at the Vancouver Games.He remembers German bobsled champion Felix Loch melting down his gold medal into two pieces, one of which was engraved with Nordahl’s portrait and the year of birth and death, and presented to the Kumaritashvili family.Today, Loch remains firmly in the luge elite and is set to pursue his fourth Winter Olympic gold medal in Beijing 2022.Loch was pleased to see Saba on the same field as Nordahl. “I’m glad he’s here,” he said.Loch says it took a lot of courage for Saba to come here.He loves the game, just like his cousin, and it’s great to see him fighting for his family.”The appearance of Saba Kumaritashvili reminded bobsledders around the world that the Kumaritashvili family’s Olympic dream did not end there.”I am very happy to represent my country and my family at the Olympics. I will never forget what happened in Vancouver in 2010, but nordahl gave me more strength than sadness, which is why I am now qualified to compete in the Olympics!”Saba said.Today, the Kumaritashvili family is still involved in everything related to luge, including the design of new tracks and the training of athletes, in an effort to develop more outstanding lugers.Out of grief, the Olympic dream of Georgia’s legendary luge family was kept alive in Beijing.Salute to true love!Hail to the Olympic spirit!Editor: Li Chenyan Responsible editor: Lu Yifeng Photo source: Xinhua News Agency Summary: Xinhua News Agency, reference news