Style revolution Efficiency revolution should not “wear new shoes and follow the old road”

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At present, the whole province is continuing to promote the style revolution, efficiency revolution, some style malady is getting effective radical cure.However, a small number of units and party cadres still feel lucky, engage in new formalism, “wearing new shoes and going the same way” phenomenon still exists, must cause attention, outcrop hit.Rain is more important than thunder.In some units, the importance of promoting the revolution in style and efficiency has been constantly raised. It has been stressed at meetings and small meetings, but no specific measures have been taken. The style of work remains the same as before.Why does this happen?The author thinks, mainly is these units, especially the main leader of the unit thinks that the requirements return the requirements, in fact, almost as before, there is no need to toss about, the meeting talks, the requirements on the line.Practice has proved that for the discipline style of work, leaders dare to cross the ditch, the workers dare to cross the river.For this kind of light thunder does not rain, to convey documents instead of promoting style revolution, efficiency revolution phenomenon must be exposed to fight, otherwise not only can not achieve the desired effect, but will breed new style problems.Implementation is more important than hype.In some units, the requirements for promoting the revolution in style and efficiency have been put up on posters or banners, while others have been broadcast on large electronic screens.It can be said that we have made vigorous efforts to promote the revolution in style and efficiency, but the image of our departments, the style of our cadres and the efficiency of our work remain the same as before.”Waves” is the new “waves”, “passenger ship” is still the original “passenger ship”.The author thinks, the promotion style revolution, efficiency revolution, the appropriate atmosphere to create and public opinion publicity is very necessary, but the most key is to grasp the implementation, only to completely eradicate the style of fraud, break old rules and bad habits, want to do the way to get things done, in order to solve the problem, promote the development, obtain actual results.Example is more important than precept.Although it is an old saying, I think it will never be out of date at any time.What do the masses look at cadres for?Is not to see the style of cadres?Advance style revolution, the efficiency of the revolution, for the masses of party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, and its requirement in perfect order in the file, much emphasis in the small meeting to less physically to “starts from me, blade inward,” like a revolutionary war commander loudly shout out “on” with me,Inspired by their own actions and lead more people to “follow my lead”, and strive to be a good “vane” and “leader” of style revolution and efficiency construction, so that “do it immediately and work hard” can become the “standard” of the majority of cadres and workers.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: