The Spirit of Traditional Culture Times (On Creative Transformation and Innovative Development)

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People’s Daily As the New Year begins, everything looks new.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, people feel kinship, appreciate a happy life and pray for peace and prosperity.The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival and an important opportunity for cultural inheritance and innovation.On the occasion of this festival, the column of “Creative Transformation and Innovative Development Talk” invites 5 creators to share their experience and experience of inheritance and innovation, and get close to the tradition and experience the change with readers, so as to gather more creative power for the booming era.– Editor year is a wonderful cultural creation feng Jicai four seasons go round and round.The year is the end of the previous season and the beginning of a new one.Whenever we stand in this new and old alternate node, the heart of the New Year, the new life must be full of yearning, hope and expectation, so there is a special psychological – “year psychology”.Big to the peaceful country and people, good weather, small to family and beauty, healthy body, rich life.These yearns for the Spring Festival in a sudden concentration, and particularly strong, warm, idealized.What is it expressed in?With culture.This cultural expression is the folk custom of Spring Festival.Over thousands of years, as people have too much expectation for the coming year, many cultural ways and styles have been created to satisfy this “year mentality”.In addition to the gorgeous shehuo, there are Spring Festival couplets, “fu”, paper cuttings, New Year pictures, rice cakes, tangyuan, velvet flowers, lucky money and so on.All these sights, sounds and smells work together to create a unique scene, atmosphere and charm of the year.This is the annual cultural feast, which is a cultural creation with the participation of the whole people.It reflects generations of Chinese people’s love for life: we create a natural day into a cultural day, an ordinary day into a day full of ideal glory.What a beautiful, magical creation!However, with each New Year, we should not only enjoy the traditional culture, but also make new contributions to the festival.Folklore is a mighty river, and only when new floods are constantly injected can it be full of vitality forever.In a promising era, as a generation full of passion for life, we are sure to make this traditional festival shine with more charm.Tian Qinxin Excellent traditional Chinese culture has a long history, how to continue to play its value today?The cultural variety show “China in Classic Books” is an active exploration of modern “translation” of ancient classic books.Preach the righteousness of thousands of years, burning the eternal lamp;Now the essence of classical books, spectrum of the future of the new chapter.We have focused on classic books such as Shang Shu, Analects of Confucius, Sun Tzu’s Art of War, Ci of Chu and Records of the Grand Historian to explore and show the essence of thought contained in these books, and to integrate traditional aesthetic elements with TV creation to tell touching stories of inheritance.”Who preached in the beginning of ancient times?”The curiosity of the universe permeates the blood of the Chinese people. It makes Qu Yuan send out the “Heavenly question”, and also makes us send the “Heavenly Question I” probe into the vast space.As a Chinese saying goes, “things come naturally, and work begins with man.” It explores nature and promotes scientific research, just as ancient scientists Like Song Yingxing and Yuan Longping and Tu Youyou did…The spirit of the classic books is always passed on.On the stage, we make full use of the virtual characteristics of the drama. Song Yingxing of the Ming Dynasty and Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice, shake hands through time and space.Qu Yuan, the poet who wrote ode to Orange, was moved to tears by the tangerines in his hometown of Jingchu after more than 2000 years.These pictures are the crystallization of the creator’s imagination and express the desire of contemporary people to find cultural roots.Standing the tide of The Times, through the change of ancient and modern.It is the key to the transformation and development of traditional culture to embody the timeliness.Both need us into the depths of life, to listen to people’s feelings, strive to become China’s powerful communicator wonderful narrator of the story, the Chinese sound and image of China’s best shaper, also requires us to make good use of modern technology and innovation perspective, culture communication and experience younger, contemporary, make contemporary audiences by understanding and recognition of Chinese excellent traditional culture, by the identity and self-confidence.As the New Year begins, let’s embark on a new journey and continue to enrich this volume of “activating tradition” in creative ways!(The author is president of the National Opera House and artistic director of “China in Classic Books”) Bringing Traditional Opera to Life Wang Pei-Yu Ancient Chinese people have a habit of getting together to watch plays during the Spring Festival.For example, the old play “Pavilion of Imperial Stele” in my line of work is often written as “Jinbang Le · Reunion” in the Performance of the New Year, to win a good mouth.The troupe also has the custom of “sealing the box” during the New Year, performing a few days of noisy “sealing the box”, and then put the clothes in the end of the suitcase sealed, and have a good year.The people are looking forward to singing the opera, the opera is near, the flavor of the New Year will be strong.This is a kind of ceremony with the meaning of prayer, stage, are looking forward to good weather, peace and prosperity.I have seen many people who listened to operas from their grandparents and parents since childhood. They may not understand the words of operas when they were young, but they are influenced by what they hear and see and imperceptible. One day when they grow up, they will find the answer to life from operas.The stories of loyal officials and lovers on stage are accessible and inspiring.The more you contact with opera, the more familiar and comfortable you feel.Because it is part of our cultural bloodline and has the unique beauty of Chinese classical culture.Those who have never seen the opera may find it strange, but it is easy to get hooked on it, because our thinking patterns, aesthetic habits and values are all fused with opera.If you know more about traditional culture and art, you will feel that you have your origin, support and foundation.The excellent traditional Chinese culture is as important to life as the sound of the huqin when singing opera. It leads and supports you, just like some unbiased coordinate in this rapidly changing world.Binga noble spirit, for a measure of advance and retreat.This “degree” in the inheritance of Peking Opera is a delicate balance between inheritance and innovation.For us opera practitioners, we should listen to the voice of the market, but we should not lose ourselves.This requires us to continue to temper and improve, with the correct value guidance, reverence for tradition, but also the courage to tolerate changes, in the integrity of the innovation to let the opera art unique, go further and better.Li Zao The Beijing Winter Olympics is a grand national event as well as a stage to showcase Chinese culture.The winter Olympics themed promotional film “China’s Ice and Snow Expansion”, produced by Shanghai Art film Studio, brings familiar animated characters such as Sun Wukong, Ne Zha and Calabash children to the ice and snow stadium, which is both nostalgic and novel, and has attracted wide attention.The Chinese animation “all-star cast” highlights the theme of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”;Nezha and Aobing’s figure skating to show the Olympic spirit of “Swifter, Higher, Stronger — more united”…These “small eggs” buried in the film were captured by netizens, they expressed their surprise in the bullet screen, message.To contribute to the Winter Olympics is a great honor for animators.This creation inspired us to use the classic IP to tell the story of The Times, Chinese animation has a great future.We have a rich family background, a fine tradition, a brilliant animation “Chinese school” since the 1950s, but also these years of continuous exploration and innovation of practice accumulation.More importantly, in the new era, how to refine the content theme of “truth, goodness and beauty” from the changing society, and enrich the expression means of “funny rhyme” from the rapid development of science and technology.Chinese animation has so many intellectual property rights, if we can give these classic IP with new content, new way of saying, how many colorful pictures will emerge!What’s more, generations of animators are still creating new animation images and forging new animation classics.The year 2022 marks the centenary of Chinese animation, which is also a new starting point for moving forward.Today, more and more talented young people set foot on the road to explore the national style of Chinese animation, let us inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of the older generation, with affection and effort, open up a new world of Chinese animation art.Wang Dewen As an old carpenter, thanks to the Internet, I have a new identity: video blogger “Grandpa Amu”.From 2018 to now, “Grandpa Amu” woodworking video has been viewed 600 million times online, which makes me surprised: old skills are being used in a new way.Netizens like my works mainly out of their interest in traditional Chinese handicraft skills.My first “viral” work was a video of Lu Ban stool.A single piece of wood is sawed, planed, ground, drilled, chiseled and gouged without a single nail or any metal component.Some netizens were so surprised that they shouted “no way” in video messages.The Reuben Stool, the arch bridge, the General case…One woodworking video shot down, at home and abroad netizens to my attention is getting higher and higher.It gave me a greater sense of responsibility.Now when I make a video, I try to make the details as clear as possible so that you can see them more clearly.When foreign netizens leave messages saying they want to learn from me, or ask some technical questions, I will respond and answer them.Recently, some netizens followed my video to learn how to make furniture.I think many traditional handicraft skills, including carpentry, represent the pursuit and creation of a better life for The Chinese people.This kind of pursuit and creation can arouse people’s sympathy, and also make traditional handicraft skills still full of charm today.We have caught up with a good era, the well-off life without food and clothing allows us to have more spiritual love and pursuit, and the traditional handicraft skills have changed from subsistence skills to hobbies.This Spring Festival, I recorded a video of making wooden red lanterns, I believe that the majority of netizens will like it.There are too many good babies in Chinese traditional culture. I hope more craftsmen will embrace the Internet, display and inherit Chinese excellent traditional culture in a more fashionable way, and create a better life for themselves.Format design: Chen Xiaojin Gu Xuanpei (People’s Daily Media Technology Company) People’s Daily (February 08, 2022, the 20th edition)