Three samsara paradise fan fiction, at this moment I want to say: finally not afraid of mosquitoes break more art

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Hello everyone, very happy to meet you here, I hope the fans of xiaobian can continue to support, xiaobian will be more careful to bring you more excellent works, today xiaobian continue to recommend good novels to fans, minutes to let fans see addicted friends don’t sleep!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!At this moment I want to say: finally not afraid of mosquitoes break more art first: “Samsara Paradise: Everywhere is waistcoat” author: two two.Short Book Review: AN assassin: “I’ve always wondered why that guy has so much money when he doesn’t mine or have a sideline.Into the pit guide: crystal child grinding and ice carving girl a constantly display blood ghost art, a constantly spit white fog, limit Lin Jiu.Looking at the flying dozens of ice cane, in the state of gas Lin Jiu is very keen to capture an opportunity, a knife cut off most of the ice cane.The ice fog around him slowed him down a bit, and when he cut the ice vine, the water Lily bodhisattva’s big hand fell down.Last world that kind of escape dai Lubi death hit the feeling appears again, Lin Jiu turned over.The water Lily bodhisattva’s big hand hit the ground where he had been standing, causing a crater to appear and the cracks to spread in all directions.Lin long foothold is the water lily bodhisattva has not lifted up the hand.Landing moment, leg strength burst out, Lin Long figure stepping water lily Bodhisattva’s arm ran to the child mill.With every step, a crack appeared on the water Lily bodhisattva’s icy arm.See Lin Jiu close, the child mill sitting ice crystal lotus petals immediately wrapped his body.Lin Jiu skills foundation is not so good, but Nai Mo Si did not teach him about the basic knowledge, but a variety of combat experience: regardless of any means to cause maximum damage to the enemy!The ice crystal lotus in front of you is wrapped, so you can’t use it by breathing. If you attack it with a sun wheel knife, you can only leave a cut mark on the petals.(click on the below free reading) the second: “the cycle of paradise: I am the apocalypse when sword play” author: night I short book review: the protagonist chang-qing ye to gain entrance sword play, reborn to apocalypse, open his epic guide into the pit: here at cower before Louis, chang-qing ye remembered his teacher younger brother pool, silly know only the strength nod giggle.”Jian Xiu is the purest monk of swords.The word “pure” is the root of jianxiu, in order to pursue the great freedom as one desires, all the swords are made by preference, and can not be bound by the rules of the world.My generation jianxiu, hold the sword and go, just for a thought to reach, call a jianxin tongming, prove a unique kendo.”Thoughts of the leaf changqing slowly said.”The practice of swordsmanship is extremely demanding. It requires a good understanding of swordsmanship to get started. Whether you can go faster and farther depends on the cultivation of swordsmanship.The heart of sword is the root of whether sword is strong or not.Gestate the swordsman heart, on behalf of this person in the swordsman’s talent!Every swordsman has a swordsman’s heart. If he doesn’t have a swordsman’s heart, he can only be a swordsman.”Sword heart?”Louis’s face changed slightly as he listened to Ye Changqing’s words.Jianxin, he had never heard of it. He had been practicing jianshu for so long. Even the jianshu masters he had met had never mentioned it.At the moment, his heart has been shaken a little, he now has a feeling in his heart, as if from the beginning of the training, has gone wrong.(click on the below free reading) third: “in the big sword became angel entered again into the cycle of paradise,” the author: lazy make short book review: through the big sword world, binding auxiliary system, get the dragon world angel professional, rapid growth, after Wang Ying unexpectedly received a cycle of paradise invited into the pit of guide: Wang Ying quiet looking at Enid li, after a while, look away.”Well, after all, I’m an outsider, I’m not good to participate, your plan is the same as before, I just need to know, where is the NO.10 place of death?”Wang ying could see that they were wary of him, and he was also wary. Wang Ying had no intention of joining them, he was just looking for clues about Lucy Ella.If the target of their crusade is not Luciella but some other awakening, Wang Ying does not want to make a useless effort, if it is, they will be useless, not much use.Now, a clue.If he finds the place where NO.10 died, he’ll know who the big guy is.And decide whether to stay or go the next day.Eneli looked at Wang Ying a little puzzling, a little confused what he wanted to do, first suddenly said to go together to crusade against abnormal appetite, and now changed his mind, not to go, just want to know NO.10 place of death, NO matter how to think very suspicious ah.If it weren’t for the fact that the organization was strictly forbidden to harm ordinary people, she would have to torture this suspicious guy.But it was as well he didn’t make a mess, lest anything should go wrong.Then, Enili told Wang Ying the location, but also close to him to draw a simple map.When the map was finished, Eneley got up and opened the door. The message was clear.Wang Ying got the clue he wanted, but he didn’t care about her attitude and walked out.(Click below to read for free) Three reincarnation paradise fan fiction, at this moment I want to say: finally not afraid of mosquitoes break more art today’s recommendation here, we have what small make up to say?At the end of the article below the comment area, small make up can see oh, looking forward to your wonderful message ~ come to the message ~ past wonderful link: Three true incense with humanistic novels, the original with humanistic novels can also be on par with the original, really sweet!Three three-body fan fiction, delayed by the title of the fairy grass novel three qinshi Mingyue fan fiction, pay attention to the protagonist tag, a gentleman, understand?