100, 000 dead fish found off French coast

2022-06-15 0 By

More than 100, 000 dead white fish float in a giant “white carpet”.This is the scene in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of France on February 3.According to CNN, the “amazing sight” sparked debate after it was posted online by Marine conservation groups.A fishing trawler association rushed to argue on Thursday that Margiris, the world’s second largest trawler, was accidentally released due to an accident.However, some environmentalists believe that this is because they do not want to process and deliberately throw away.The stunning images were first posted on social media on February 3 by the French branch of the non-profit Marine conservation group Sea Shepherd.”This is what is happening now in the Bay of Biscay, off the coast of La Rochelle [in France],” the group wrote. “Four factory vessels operate here, including the world’s second largest trawler, the Margiris [banned from Australian waters].”Images posted by Sea Shepherd show dead fish floating in the sea.A close-up photo shows the dead fish as blue cod, a subspecies of cod.According to Reuters, the Margiris is a Dutch-owned Lithuani-flagged super trawler that catches fish using nets more than a kilometer long and is processed directly in the ship’s factory.Such practices have been criticised by environmentalists.Margiris has been banned from Operating in Australian waters since 2012 because of opposition from environmentalists.On February 4th the Deep-sea Frozen Trawler Association (PFA), which represents fishing parties, issued a statement saying it “fully understands the emotions these images can provoke”.”We would like to clarify that at around 5.50am on February 3, 2022, the fishing vessel Margiris inadvertently released a quantity of blue cod into the sea due to a partial rupture of the end of its net,” the statement explained.Such accidents are rare, mainly due to the large size of the cod caught.The incident and the amount of damage was recorded in the vessel’s log book and reported to the authorities of Lithuania, the flag state, in accordance with EU law.”But Lamya Essemlali, head of the French branch of Shepherd of the Sea, said the Margiris was not an ‘inadvertent release.’She told Reuters that it was because the boat had caught blue cod and did not want to process it. This practice is called “dumping bycatch” and is strictly prohibited by the European Union.Annick Girardin, France’s maritime minister, said the sight of the dead fish was “shocking” and asked the country’s fisheries watchdog to conduct an investigation “to clarify the problem so that we can find out the cause of the massive dumping of dead fish”.In addition, she said, “France is in favour of sustainable fishing, but this case is clearly not.If violations do occur, sanctions will be taken against the owners identified as responsible.”This article is an exclusive article, shall not be reproduced without authorization.