378 million views!Shen Teng Jia Ling “play bad” spy drama, Guan Xiaotong imitate Zhang Ziyi is too amazing

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Number one ratings for 8 days in a row!The seventh season of Zhejiang SATELLITE TV’s “trump card” variety show “Trump Card”, which has won 19 broadcast titles and a total broadcast volume of 378 million, is the most exciting episode of “Spy Day”.Its spy war father Mai jia teacher also airborne “trump card” and you funny big ga scene interaction, but the collision of literature and drama, let this period of the program some can not bear to look at, Shen Teng, Jia Ling can not accept, the game to play a flower, the scene once out of control.The game black hole Yue Yunpeng the first link to pass intelligence information.That is, the old routine sounding board, as a novice relay member, Yue Yunpeng is absolutely the game black hole, as long as he at least to cut off half of the information.Although there is a deeper guan Kou skill base, memory can be almost “Teng”, the microphone directly played a sign I guess, make flower flower thought someone “steal”.Then the second round changed to English delivery.This for middle school did not graduate to learn crosstalk Yue Yunpeng, can be said to be the “death” of the game link, not open the ancestral “bowl” caused the audience burst into laughter.Fortunately, “international chapter” English passed level 7, witty solution, did not let Yue Yunpeng become dispensable, but the joke shop is full enough, to reach the hot atmosphere.Shen Teng Jia Ling’s stable output of “Trump Card” is currently experiencing a seven-year itch. The program’s ratings have been rising in recent years. As permanent guests, Shen Teng and Jia Ling with long-term contracts have contributed greatly.Two gold partner live improvisation jokes, words don’t you come to me to fall to the ground, already became one of the stories of “trump card”, in the spy of the theme, as black and white, you are deliberately put two members of the family of ace in the opposite drive the rhythm, and push the process, “Klaus kaden” confrontation, mutual suspicion, quite interesting.A jia Bird yi ren, a shen Da fool, is a complete spy drama to play bad.Like mai jia teacher said, Shen Teng is very suitable for intelligence personnel, Shen Teng himself also laughed: that is sure, in my intelligence information will not be disclosed, words and deeds will not be forced to confess, not I don’t say, but really forget.Guan Xiaotong is too jing jing game episode, arranged intelligence camouflage task, go to battle this time is Guan Xiaotong, what she imitated is Zhang Ziyi is in “2046” medium role, the Bai Ling that has prostitution past.Quite the stage wind of time sense, interspersed in the game link of explode laugh, let the audience have a chance to breathe, imperceptibly was brought into wong Kar-wai’s unrestrained memory space.That year, the film brought together five heavyweight actresses from both places.Gong Li, Faye Wong, Carina Lau, Maggie Cheung.And the once green Zhang Ziyi.Although it is only a temporary stage performance, details can be seen in the choreography, and many of the dance moves are in the film zhang Ziyi and Mr. Liang’s dialogue in space.Guan xiaotong’s slender figure, especially her long legs, are wrapped in a Cheongsam to show the beauty of her body.Standard facial features deserve to go up modern makeup to have a few minutes old Shanghai lasting appeal, really took a little in those days Bai Ling fell into the dust between also want to try to reflect a few minutes of pride.Zhang Ziyi looked at this is also praise.In the seventh season of Trump card versus Trump Card, the old game content and familiar faces of the audience remain unchanged, but what it has changed is its understanding and original intention of entertainment and variety shows.It is the meaning of the existence of Ace that only uses pure entertainment to help the audience relieve stress and vent. However, with the increasing popularity of the program and the impact of capital accumulation on entertainment culture, the production of Ace becomes more formalized. As the most popular pure entertainment reality show in China,Xiaobian personally does not hope “Trump card” to go once Mango Taiwan evergreen tree “fast Ben” old way, “Trump card to advertising” is not a long-term solution.Rationally adjust the smoothness of the program, improve the comfort of the audience, find the balance of capital, do a good job in the program, bring out the old and bring out the new, zhejiang SATELLITE TV’s flagship variety show, is likely to create the next domestic entertainment myth that can be popular for 20 years.