I’m too tired to learn, so please give these 15 pictures to your children, better than any sermon

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Recently, there are a lot of parents backstage message said, children can not raise the spirit of learning, writing homework is MAO MAO impetuous, not a heart.Sometimes, as parents, I can’t stand it. If I say something to my child, the child will resist and ask: I just don’t want to learn. What can you do to me?!Nowadays, children grow up in an affluent environment and live a life of food and drink. The only expectation their parents have for them is to study hard.But why to read, but few parents can say clearly what is the meaning of reading?They only know that reading is very bitter very tired, do not want to read do not want to go to school, by the network of flashy eyes also lost themselves, began to hate reading hate reading, until finally too late to regret.Perhaps the following picture can let children more directly see the difference between reading and not reading, working hard and not working hard, so as to be more shocking.The pictures and words may hurt you in some way, but they are telling the truth.Because, after reading you will find that the cost of not reading and not working hard is too big!Shelter is lie sleeping seven feet or household capacious and see you every day hard you will one day be independent chuai dream now carry life classmate party tomorrow not to compare not to face to go to college really might be your life’s watershed dress sense knowledge brings you not only the material conditions of rich and invisible, for instance,Taste difference on the tip of the tongue is really no exaggeration Your college determines your vision your environment determines your taste urban environment graduation job your ability to assign you to a different urban environment such an environment like that lifestyle is it just a matter of money?Not is a choice of life have a get-together this weekend we said is not large coffee which is better to drink beer and flavour is leisure together everything you do when your mind will say I don’t go to college even if you give people work can also be popular to drink hot but you didn’t clock out some nap with my colleagues that leisurely nurturing parents more than ten years put up is not, of course, one and a half brick tile can return but if you haveMany people think it’s a show of wealth to compare riding a bicycle with driving a luxury car. But if it’s windy and rainy one day, then you have a better choice. This is the answer.Change destiny it is not just a bare feet and shoes to change your view of remember school campus on a map of “world” efforts to determine your vision of your classmates your university classmates and friends will be precious treasure of your life can say students for you after your loved ones you see you grow a lot of knowledge on the university met come from all over the worldSchoolmate to have your eyes open, eye shot is open, open the future on the road also broaden your child you don’t go to college will affect your future generations only by constantly learning to grow up with the children because children we want to be a better man reading will not allow you to gain wealth, directly but reading can give you more opportunities to gain wealth.The more books you read, the more choices you’ll have, the better people you’ll meet, the better life you’ll enjoy, and the better and more comfortable life you’ll have.So, please do not choose comfort when you can bear hardships most, no one’s youth is walking on the red carpet!Since the dream to become the self that others can not reach, we should choose a path of their own, pay others can not reach the efforts.Parents, also tell your children: do not choose to give up at the time of reading, be sure to cherish and work hard at the age of reading!Disclaimer: