Hu Anhong, Wu Village, Hejin: Small sweet cherry makes “big Article”

2022-06-17 0 By

Recently, into the hejin City Chaijia town Wu village villager Hu Anhong’s cherry greenhouse, a string of cherries hung on the branches, like pearl agate crystal clear, under the irradiation of the sun, but also full of color, bright and dazzling, people coveted.”Master Hu, what kind of cherries are we? Why are we in the ripe season so early?””The cherry variety is Brooks, also known as rock Sugar Crunch, which is a medium variety introduced from the United States and has a ripening period of more than 20 days from the end of March to mid-April.The fruit of this variety is oblate, with light yellow rind base, thick red fruit color and purplish red flesh. It has the characteristics of good quality, high adaptability, high yield and stability, resistance to transportation and storage, and is an excellent sweet cherry variety.”Hu anhong introduced.”We have two greenhouses in our house, which have always planted vegetables before, with a large investment, a large amount of labor and a high labor intensity.In 2018, when I was on a business trip in Dalian, I came across Brooks and wanted to change the industrial structure. So I started to plant cherries in a greenhouse. At first, we only planted more than 140 cherry trees, including Brooks, Beauzao, Red Light, Samitos and Sunshine.”Ms. Hu says Brooks cherry trees in the shed are growing well because of proper management.In March 2020, Hu anhong introduced 450 Brooks cherry seedlings and planted them in a second shed.Things happen.In October 2021, affected by heavy rainfall, hu Anhong’s two greenhouses were damaged to varying degrees.Some 140 cherry trees in one shed were drowned in a pool, and another shed leaked water and its back wall collapsed.In order to preserve the 450 Brooks cherry trees in the shed, Hu anhong increased investment in the greenhouse, steel frame transformation, and added quilts, dehumidifiers and other equipment.During that time, he went into the shed every day to check on the situation. After careful care, 450 cherry trees successfully hung fruit this year, and are now ready to be picked.Speaking of the management of cherry, Juan Hong opened a conversation: “Brooks is particularly high management requirements, belongs to the ‘difficult to wait on the master’.Now, the shed cherry is still in the color maturity period, to pay special attention to the shed temperature and humidity control, daytime temperature to control at 18 deG C – 22 DEG C, night temperature to control at 10 deG C – 12 deG C, rainy days to control the humidity in the shed, to prevent the phenomenon of cracking.”This year is the first year Brooks cherry fruit, is expected to yield about 1500 jin, from the current growth trend and yield, or quite good.Now there are merchants in Shanghai, Taiyuan, Yuncheng through the network to book, each catty can sell to a good price of more than 100 yuan.”Speaking of benefits, Hu Anhong difficult to hide the joy of the heart.The successful listing of Brooks Cherry strengthens Juan Hong’s confidence in developing characteristic industries.Next, on the basis of managing his two greenhouses well, he will actively promote Brooks cherry management technology, guide the surrounding villagers to develop and expand cherry planting, and strive to pave a road of common prosperity with characteristic industries.Source: Hejin Rong Media Center Photo/article: Shi Tiantian