Strengthen supervision to eliminate hidden dangers Longkou city ammonia refrigeration command to carry out special inspection

2022-06-17 0 By

The size of the news client April 8 (correspondent Wang Xiaolin) in order to further consolidate the ammonia refrigeration enterprise safety foundation work, to ensure the safe and stable operation of ammonia refrigeration enterprises, Longkou city ammonia refrigeration headquarters and hired experts for the longkou city ammonia refrigeration enterprises to carry out a special inspection.This action focuses on checking the implementation of the relevant systems of liquid ammonia use safety management, daily inspection records, hidden trouble investigation and treatment ledger and emergency disposal plan for comprehensive verification, and listening to the report on the implementation of the principal responsibility of the enterprise;Go deep into the production site, conduct hidden trouble investigation on the safe operation conditions and fire fighting facilities of liquid ammonia refrigeration system, and examine the safety management knowledge level and emergency disposal ability of the person in charge of the refrigeration warehouse and the front-line operation staff on the site.In view of the problems found in the inspection, safety hidden dangers issued rectification instructions, requiring the enterprise to clarify the rectification measures and rectification time limit, to ensure the rectification effect and by the staff to organize experts for on-site acceptance, to ensure that everything is safe.Headquarters and experts in the inspection of enterprises to earnestly implement the main responsibility for safety production, truly put safety measures in place, hidden trouble rectification in place.It is necessary to strengthen the education and training of employees on dangerous knowledge and occupational hazards, and promote them to master safe operation skills.It is necessary to strengthen the safety management of the operation site, especially the safety management of the key links and parts involved in ammonia, and ensure the strict implementation of all safety management systems.We need to revise and improve contingency plans in a timely manner, organize regular exercises, and effectively improve risk prevention capabilities.