Super housing market does not close in the Spring, but the preferential strength is general, after the opening will be more push

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reporter Wang Huang before the Spring Festival, Qilu Evening News · Qilu more than one point reporters visited jinan, east, west, north and south areas in the sale of real estate projects.During this year’s Spring Festival, most of the real estate projects in Jinan do not close, with staff on duty.But compared with the end of last year’s direct discount, this year’s Spring Festival holiday developers to give a modest level of preferential housing.However, some developers are preparing to open or push after the festival, hoping to get a good start in the year of the Tiger.Jinan east of a sales office on-site gifts, 99% off before the Spring Festival in Jinan many real estate did not see big promotion “no special discount, that is, we will let old customers to draw a prize, get a gift, the better is a small washing machine.”Near the Spring Festival, the reporter visited a real estate in the west of Jinan, to see the sales office set up the New Year’s purchase discount, property consultants said the basic as usual.There are many similar properties that only give small gifts for Chinese New Year. For example, Tianqiao Vanke Golden Joy City · The new book gives a visit lucky draw, rice, ski tickets, cups, etc.;In the city, the national city of Yue city is given 99 percent off the price of housing, subscription to break eggs win small appliances, visit to get New Year’s movie tickets.”The prices are pretty much the same, and we’ll probably go up a few hundred per square after the holiday.”When visiting Shenwu area, Sunac future one real estate consultant told reporters.The area like Lu Shang Jin MAO international community has been liquidated in the state, only the top and bottom of the house, a price and before the basic same.Longhu · Longyu City to 98% discount in the sale of land, also close to the end of the sale state, there are not many housing options.Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter visited the new East Railway Station area, the southern region of the main real estate during the Spring Festival there are basically no big discounts, more conventional 99 or 98 discount promotion.New Year’s day a little early in the first quarter is looking forward to a big discount developers to give promotions in many forms, ji ‘nan real estate industry insiders revealed that some will make an issue of the down payment, appropriately elongate the down payment time, lock part of the purchase group in advance, some will buy home appliances, these promotions are smaller.Further may be to directly give some concessions, but the strength is not large, like 99 percent off, 98 percent off, relatively normal;And the real price reduction is generally the performance of the whole year pressure, or when the pressure will be big.Ji ‘nan west of a sales office site “this year’s Spring Festival discount is really general.”The industry insider said the discounts are mostly 99 percent off during the Spring Festival period, and the same price can be applied to non-node sales periods.”This year’s Spring Festival comes early, the end of January is a holiday, New Year’s day is too close, we are still immersed in the assessment of the previous year, at the same time, there is still a period of time before the first quarter of the index assessment, we can try again after the festival, not necessarily the effort in the Spring Festival, after all, many people go home for the Spring Festival.”The industry insider said that the Spring Festival just entered February, people are also reluctant to start a big effort, after all, how the year remains to be seen.”A year’s plan depends on the spring”, in previous years the property market will generally usher in the Indian Summer after the Spring Festival in March to May, house-viewing people increase, open or push more, whether there will be different this year?The above industry insiders said that although the Spring Festival did not give a big discount, but everyone secretly in the opening or push after the festival to prepare.”Developers like Longfor, Vanke and Yinfeng are busy before the Spring Festival.”There will probably be new listings or more listings soon after the New Year, and everyone wants to get 2022 off to a good start.”The reporter learned that in the past two years, the housing price is relatively stable, the land conditions are not low, coupled with construction costs, the profits of developers are declining, the room for a significant decline in housing prices has been very small.”Under the current policy control, the pressure of payment collection of developers is also very big.People choose to do low margin, sell as soon as possible.Some may be selling fast, but profit margins are at their lowest in recent years.So it is unrealistic to expect housing prices to fall further.”The industry said.