Take warning!The woman who stole the “white rock candy” left by her former tenant finally paid for curiosity

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Have you ever rented an apartment while working out of town or touched something left by a previous tenant out of curiosity?One night in 2020, a woman walked into a police station in Wuhu, Anhui Province. She looked nervous and hesitated. What was the matter?…Officer, I think I’m on drugs…We learned that the woman was named As “Er” and lived in a rented house in the district.On the afternoon of the same day, Er found a piece of “white rock candy” left by a former tenant.She couldn’t help being curious, so she tried two puffs.In the evening, however, she suffers from severe pains, varying between intense arousal and depression, accompanied by headache and nausea.She was afraid of this, but also very upset, pondering, or decided to take the initiative to the public security organ report.After learning about the situation, the police conducted a blood test on Er, but the result was positive. They immediately carried out anti-drug propaganda and punished her according to law.Today for everyone to say, the first time after taking drugs by mistake, how to do?Because there are always some people walking on the edge of drugs, not strict with themselves, so carelessly easy to be pulled into the water, but they are not willing to take drugs, so after the “first mouthful of poison” often panic, do not know how to do?They think they are going to become addicted and they are scared.What should I do after taking drugs by mistake?Drugs into the human body is to be out of the body in the case of not serious can drink more water to promote their own urine excretion detoxifying sweat of methods for a hot bath first muzzled the quilt excessive sweating constantly to keep their sweat discharge state that facilitate the toxic substances in the body but must to oneself thoroughly cleaned after detoxification drug residues of effluentBody and skin for certain damage if it is the way to use the quilt cover khan is also to remember timely replacement bedding that will in the largest extent, reduce drug for their damage can be appropriate to eat some fruit complement your body nutrition and moisture to keep an optimistic attitude to professional medical institutions in time to check if it is found that drug addicts must undertake drug treatment immediately see if the drug isHarm their physical health must be timely drug treatment, do not delay