The world is so big, do you want to see?

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Before there was a very popular saying, the world is so big, I want to see.We want to know the world and let the world know us.Long, long ago, there was no technology as advanced as there is now.If you have to go far, there are no planes, no cars.But despite this, there are still many explorers who choose to explore strange places.They crossed the mountains, they crossed the deserts, they explored the unknown with their brave hearts.The Two authors of Those Great Adventures, [England] Philip.Steele and [de] Christian.Grellingen tells us about the adventures of those explorers.Follow this book to travel through time and experience the thrilling adventures of the explorers!This book shows the journey of 33 explorers who traveled across oceans to explore the earth.William James, British explorerCook said, once do what others say you can’t do, and you’ll never again care about the limits they place on you.The first adventurer who brought us was Marco.Now, Poirot, when you see that name, you probably think of a certain brand of ham sausage.But in 1269, merchant Maffeo.Poirot and Nicolo Bulle returned to Venice from their trade mission in China.And when he goes to China the next year, young Marco.Polo took them with him, and they had many extraordinary experiences in their travels through China and beyond.In 1300, a book about travel experiences, The Travels of Marco Polo, appeared.And this book also inspired countless later generations, to the distant east of the yearning.Famous in China, that must be Zheng He.Zheng He made seven voyages to the Western Seas.And it’s hard to imagine that 317 ships made up the first voyage.The purpose of this voyage was also to show China’s power, wealth and influence at that time.China used to lead the world in shipbuilding for more than 1,000 years.It’s so cool.For modern us, traveling around the world.It can be done in any way.You can do it with airplanes, you can do it with solar airplanes, you can do it with the International Space Station.And in 1519, Magellan crossed the Atlantic on his way to the Philippines.Eventually one of the ships made it back to Spain, completing the world’s first round-the-world voyage.Now watch the adventures of these explorers as if they were a story.And when they did that, they risked their own lives.What is even better is that the book also passes the AR technology.It can be used in 3D form to show the adventures of explorers.The perfect combination of books and AR makes children enjoy the adventure of this book even more.I believe that it is in our nature to explore the unknown, and that the true failure is not to explore at all.These words were written by Ernest Earnest, a famous English explorer.Shackleton said it.Compared with the sensitivity of today’s children, it is a great thing to experience the courage of exploration in this book.”Those Great Adventures” makes us believe how blessed we are to have access to things we never had before.While it’s easy to travel now, don’t forget the great adventure stories.Those tenacious character and the spirit of adventure, worth children to learn.