Five beautiful figure skaters, each of them stunning, hot body to attract attention

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The five beauty of figure skating, hot attract eyeball, the fifth is the Japanese flower her Honda really careful, she is known as “the snow elves,” and was born of a Japanese aristocrat, her grandfather was President of famous enterprises, earning up to 2 billion yen, because his grandfather skating projects are like, but they have only four skating player,In 2017, she beat Ai Fukuhara to become the most beautiful athlete in Japan.Five beautiful figure skaters, with a hot body to attract the eye, the fourth is Finland’s Kira Korpi, known by the majority of ice fans:The most beautiful ice princess, she not only because of her skills, but also her amazing looks, at the age of 12, mastered the triple axel skills, her father is a national ice hockey coach, in 1998 led the team to a bronze medal in the Winter Olympics.The five beauty of figure skating, hot attract eyeball, the third is Kim yu-na, is Han Guohua slide in the history of the first women’s grand slam winner, and in her career, never walked down the podium, her appearance level is called: Korea first ice beauty, is not only the Korean fans, many overseas ice powder is her appearance level.The five beauty of figure skating, hot attract eyeball, the second is she, skating project talented people, but the level of the appearance, she is so high, her eye socket to be, a petite, skin white as snow is fairy, let you enjoy most and jing have to is her long hair, beautiful when she danced on the ice.The five beauty of figure skating, hot attract eyeball, is China’s first zi-jun li, already the level outstanding appearance, plus amazing skating clothing, take graceful action on the ice, every time I see her, I feel as though she walked out from the picture, even a lot of people think, zi-jun li that level in appearance, the appearance of lover is like a dream,It’s hard not to like how impressive she can be just by looking at her, and when you combine that with a dominant level of figure skating.