Li Ao scolded Hu Yingmeng half life, dying but most concerned about her: broken love can only self anesthesia

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“She is a talented girl, a noblewoman, a tented gypsy, a landscape painter, a singer of The Times, a connoisseur of art, and a courageous seeker for the meaning of life.”As a famous critic and writer, Li Ao has many name cards. He is also a poet, thinker and famous scholar.Li Ao’s character is very rebellious and unruly.He was born in a special era. Influenced by the era, he made many achievements in modern history.He wrote a lot of critical articles that were banned, but people who read those articles, they were very impressed.He has been warning and prodding people with very sharp language.To some extent, Li Ao promoted the progress of thought, and it is because of his sharp words and bold style that people call him the proud son.Although successful in career, But Li Ao is also human, his romantic affairs in emotion, far more rich than his career.He and beauty Huynmeng, once had a marriage, after the divorce he cursed the woman.However, on his deathbed, he said he could not let go of Hu Yinmeng.This arrogant literary genius, what is the emotional experience behind it?What kind of love story does he have with Huinmeng?Meet and love Li Ao and Hu Yingmeng, one is a literary genius, one is the first beauty of the film world.The two met at a friend’s party in 1979, when Hu was already famous.Because of her appearance, she is one of the four most beautiful women in Taiwan and the dream lover of many men.Li Ao saw Hu Yinmeng at the first sight, has been obsessed with this, not uncommon appearance, coupled with young temperament, these are enough to attract Li Ao.Li Ao’s side at that time, is not without a woman, he has a genuine girlfriend Liu Huiyun.After meeting Hu yinmeng, he told Liu Huiyun, “I love you one hundred percent, but now I have met a thousand people.”Two-way love, is the most meaningful, before meeting Li Ao, Hu Yinmeng has a worship of Li Ao heart.She loved The works of Li Ao, whose vision and literary style had always attracted Hu Yinmeng.After hu entered the entertainment circle, she still insisted on reading Li Ao’s works and became his most loyal reader.When Li Ao was questioned, Hu yinmeng, as a public figure, personally published a long article to show his support for Li Ao.Falling in Love and Endless Disappointment Two people meet and know each other.Imperceptibly, 2 people walked to the intersection point, marriage draws close to them gradually.Hu has always been a lone Wolf in the entertainment industry. She longs for someone to protect her and understand her. Although she looks like a good girl, Hu has always been a rebel.Her mind to Li Ao, was known by the mother, was strongly opposed, but Hu Yingmeng which is easy to listen to people, she even ran away from home at night, and Li Ao spent the night.In this way, Li Ao broke up with his girlfriend at that time, Hu Yingmeng left home, two people held a simple ceremony in the evening, officially opened husband and wife life.New lovers are always full of energy. They are new and want to find out more about each other.So their life at the beginning, always very passionate, but time has passed, the original fragile emotional basis after the wind began to wither.Li Ao and Hu Yinmeng is such, from passionate love to cold to separate.When they first got together, Li Ao would prepare milk, morning tea and a newspaper for Hu Yin before he woke up from his dream.In order to make Li Ao more happy, Hu Yingmeng will dance for him, make her happy, the two of them at this time, are dreaming of a long time.As time went on, their feelings lost their original freshness. Writing was almost all of Li Ao’s life. Hu yingmeng hoped that Li Ao could accompany her more, so they had conflicts.Before those good, already by reality place dilute, after Li Ao cheated his friend’s huge property, two people more than 100 days of marriage formally come to an end.03 resentment after the divorce, Li Ao’s career everywhere hit a wall, in the face of these failures, Li Ao attributed the reason to Hu Yinmeng.Li Ao feels from beginning to end, Hu Yingmeng affected his career development, he begins to abandon Hu Yingmeng, even hate her.Li Ao participated in many programs. As long as hu Yinmeng was mentioned, he would always express his dislike and complaints.He used their private life to talk about, in front of the public has been slandering Huinmeng, this complaint, is half a lifetime.This short marriage gave Huinmeng reflection. When she was in the prime of her life, she chose to get married and divorced. She changed from longing for marriage to avoiding marriage.She did not know how to face these things, she can only use her own fragile heart, again and again to endure these things.She began to calm down to think, choose to read, choose to broaden their horizons, enrich their resume.After thousands of sails, she began to be grateful to Li Ao for what he had done to her. It was because of li Ao’s actions that he became a better man.In the following days, Hu yinmeng did not return to the film industry, but chose to read, choose meditation seclusion.She is positive and upward, become that more excellent oneself, she chose to let go, face li Ao’s provocation again and again, she turns a blind eye to.Li Ao is not like this, he countless times in public provocation Hu Yingmeng, wantonly Shouting Hu Yingmeng, he for these, has not put down, has been bitter.Perhaps because Hu Yinmeng turned a blind eye to these, perhaps because Hu Yinmeng lived much better than Li Ao, Li Ao was jealous and unconvinced.It is also possible that Li Ao did not really put down, he hoped to use this way to save Hu Yinmeng.Li Ao’s half life, has been entangled with Hu Yinmeng.No one knew whether he loved her or hated her.Until the end of his life, Li Ao thought about Hu Yingmeng, he said Hu Yingmeng is his most concerned people.Before he died, he invited Huynman to appear on his show.At this time, Hu Yingmeng experienced vicissitudes of life, to these already do not care, she refused the invitation of Li Ao in a euphemistic way.05 Conclusion This feeling is a valuable life experience for Li Ao and Hu Yinmeng.112 days of marriage was the end of fate and the beginning of huin’s new life.There may be regrets, so Li Ao spent half his life communicating with Hu Yinmeng in a very childish way.Hu yinmeng did not know li Ao’s character, he is like a child, stubborn and naive.However, in this experience, Hu Has grown, has seen through half of life.Most of the time, people are constantly growing.All the gentleness, all the insults, all the unwillingness, are past and gone with time.