“Original” market this week or oversold rebound market

2022-06-18 0 By

Friday, gem to 2819 points low open, pressure to 2803 points and then slightly pulled up, and then has been a small shock, this week small Yang line pulled up, temporary rebound.Shenzhen component index in the morning low after a small shock pull up, pull red in the afternoon, yellow line is stronger than the white line, this week is also a small pull up, temporary rebound.Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 today is also low open after the shock pull up, the afternoon quickly pull red, this week is also small Yang pull up, continue to rebound.Shanghai Composite Index early to 3451 points low open, the lowest 3447 points and then shock pull up, afternoon hair force rushed to the 20-day average, this week continues to pull Yang line, or rebound.Shanghai 50 morning is also low open rebound, afternoon force pull up, this week continues to small Yang pull up, or rebound.Kechuang 50 opened today after a small shock trend, this week Yang line pulled up, temporary rebound.China Securities 500 morning low after fast pull red, stand on the 10 average, this week continue to small Yang pull up, or rebound.Today, Shanghai index is stronger than shenzhen index, the market or rebound trend.In terms of sectors, real estate, coal, telecom operations, steel, construction, IT equipment, software, transportation facilities, household goods, transportation equipment, insurance, banking, building materials, wine, media entertainment, Internet, medicine, hotel catering and other sectors performed strongly today.Electrical equipment, semiconductors, industrial machinery, military, components, automotive, general machinery, petroleum, chemicals, non-ferrous and other sectors were weaker.Real estate plate today sharply pulled up, re-standing on the 60 moving average, construction plate continues to shock up, building materials plate also stood on the 60 moving average, household supplies plate also follow the rebound.The coal plate sharply rose to a new high in the short term, the steel plate also followed the strong pull, oil, non-ferrous and other cyclical plate has been adjusted.Telecom operation plate sharply pulled up, station 60 daily average, continue to shock the bottom.IT equipment, software, communication equipment and other plates continue to rebound.Transportation facilities, transportation services and other plates are strong again.Insurance, banking and other financial plate to pull up, securities plate or weak.Internet, media entertainment and other plates fell rebound.Brewing, pharmaceuticals, health care, household appliances and other sectors have rebounded.Electric equipment plate strong yesterday, today to adjust.Semiconductor, components plate strong yesterday, today on the callback.Military plate yesterday by the news pulled, and fell back again today.The plate continues to move, fell more rebound, rose more adjustment, most of the plate is still doing the bottom, find the bottom stage.1. The relevant information, quotations, data and information of this blog are excerpts and do not constitute the basis for investment.2. The blog content and stock comments are for the blogger’s personal research and thoughts, only for reference.3, this blogger does not charge privately, there is no studio, any of the above behavior is not myself, pay attention to prevent being deceived.4. Read the contents of the blog, and make investment decisions independently according to their own economic strength, investment experience and risk tolerance, and bear risks and possible losses.The stock market has the risk, the investment needs the caution!